Ritual cacao

Also known as the drink of the gods and gods, cacao has been valued for its heart-opening effects for thousands of years. We set out to track down the most original types of cacao and share them with you – for your own ritual and in our cacao rituals.

For meditations, Rituals & to Relax

Heart-opening effect for soothing bliss

Organically grown, fair & CO2-neutral

Enjoyment with social and ecological responsibility

Awarded Criollo Cacao from Peru

Award-winning quality through 100% originality

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From our guest book

Thank you for this wonderful cacao. He came just in time. The cacao was so, so creamy, delicious and heart opening. I received very touching feedback, and I'm still in Cacao Bliss.

- Jule Marie

Little feedback on the cacao ceremony.
I really liked the exercises, especially being held and holding them.

- Jana Peplau

Incredibly coherent concept. Leni and Felix managed to create a safe, open and very loving atmosphere within a very short time. The rituals are highly recommended.

- Stefanie Ott

Super fast process from the day I ordered until in my house! Leni is super open to answer any questions that might occur :)) I will continue getting my cacao here.

- Carola V. Szemerey

Leni accompanies the ceremony with gentleness and calm. A safe space where you can let yourself go.

- Jeannette Ladewig

The Criollo Blanco variety is really something special!! I hope to enjoy it often! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Uta U.Uthana

A guided ritual

Make yourself comfortable with your cacao at your favorite place. Light a candle and let me - Leni - lead you into a pleasant meditation (15 min). You can enjoy your cacao and relax – physically and mentally. It starts as soon as you click on the mandala.

Kakaozeremonie von Cacaoloves.me

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