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The book will be published in a new edition by UNUM in February 2024. You can pre-order the book here now or write us a short email to to be on the waiting list.

CACAO RITUAL with a total of 24 rituals (192 pages)

The Spirit of Cacao is calling you! A millennia-old ritual returns... Cocoa in its original form and the rituals associated with it have been very popular for several years. No wonder: Cocoa opens the heart. At the center of the book are twelve Cacao ceremonies for the whole year - for example for the start of the year, Walpurgis Night, Thanksgiving or the winter solstice. Twelve additional rituals are described especially for special occasions such as birthdays or for manifestation. The authors, who have been guiding cacao rituals for years, also offer recipes for preparation and information about the cacao bean. A beautifully illustrated book with which everyone can bring the power and magic of cacao into their own lives.