We love Cacao

The drink of the goddesses and gods has been valued for thousands of years for its heart-opening effect. It is a matter close to our hearts to remind people of this traditional use of cacao. Because a change towards a loving and compassionate world begins within us - within you.

Leni & Felix founded Cacaoloves.me in 2019. Since then, a lot of beautiful and magical things have happened and a tree has grown from the cacao bean. The spirit of this plant brings us all together - our team, the cacao farmers and our community. Together we have brought over 1.5 million cups of heart-opening cacao to people in recent years.


I am a co-founder and love to share my knowledge about cacao and rituals and to make them accessible. I like to drink my cacao in the morning before meditation to feel what feelings are present and to set an intention for the day.


I am a co-founder and I want to bring the heart-opening effect of cacao to as many people as possible. My job is to do everything possible for our shared journey. I like to drink cacao in the evening to let go of the day and to relax.


I head the editorial team and look after our online shop. My heart's desire is to create a feel-good place for our community and to give our cacao a beautiful home. I enjoy my cacao best with rose petals and usually at the end of the day.


I am responsible for the smooth production process. It is such an inspiring experience to see how planning and organization contribute to wonderful people receiving the cacao they love. I like to drink my cacao in nature so I can start the day with heart.


I am a cacao fairy and help here and there - especially with filling the cacao and packing the orders. I like to drink my cacao with two spoonfuls of cacao spice and in complete peace in the presence of pure nature and the elements.


I receive the cacao when it arrives from Peru and make sure that the cacao feels right at home with us - in the warehouse as well as in the packaging. I prefer to drink my cacao cold like the Incas and with a high cacao content.


I am responsible for supporting our wonderful community. I also write editorial articles for our blog & Instagram. My mission is to bring the female power back to earth and "Mama-Cacao" supports me in this. I like to enjoy my cacao best with a sensual morning ritual.


In customer support, I am in direct contact with our community. I am constantly amazed at how warm and grateful people are and how many different ways the medicine of the heart is already being used. I like to drink my cacao in the morning to nourish my body and mind for the day.

Maria Theresa

I am the creative spirit here and I conjure up tangible images for you from our vision. At the same time, I accompany rituals with my singing and my healing music. I connect with my Cacao Spirit, Grandmother Willow, every day. I love enjoying my Cacao outdoors in nature.

Cacao Spirit

When the balance between man and nature is out of whack, I come from the rainforest to open people's hearts and create harmony. The Spirit of Cacao is calling you!