Cacao Talk

The Podcast about Cacao & Consciousness

The world of cacao is so diverse, colorful and lively that we have started a podcast to share this world with you even more.

Our Cacao Talk is the conscious counterpart to the usual coffee gossip. No small talk - but deep, inspiring conversations and great guests.


Cacao Talk #16: Death - preparation, grief counselling & rites of passage

Mit Patricia & Leni In unserer 16. Podcast-Folge spricht Leni mit der Bestatterin Patricia über ihre Arbeit und warum das Thema Tod immer noch so sehr gemieden wird, wie heilsam es sein ka...

Cacao Talk #15: Femininity, Flow & Being Cyclical

With Sarah & Leni In our 15th podcast episode, Sarah & Leni talk about how you can return to your primal female power and free yourself more and more from the pressure of society as a wo...

Cacao Talk #14: Sensuality, Sexuality & Tantra

With Luisa & Leni In our 14th podcast episode, Luisa & Leni talk about sexuality and tantra and why dealing with your sexuality can have a positive effect on your whole life. They share ...

Cacao Talk #13: Self-Love, Ancestors & All-One

With Celine & Leni In our 13th podcast episode, Celine & Leni talk about self-love and what that has to do with unhealthy eating, about ancestral work and how we can "heal" our past as q...

Cacao Talk #12: Hypnosis, Tantra & Breathing

With Bernhard & Leni In our 12th podcast episode, Bernhard Tewes, hypnosis therapist and founder of the HypnoBox app, & Leni talk about what hypnosis is and what it is not and how it can ...

Cacao Talk #11: Cacao during pregnancy & breastfeeding

With Nicole, Jess & Leni In our 11th podcast episode, Nicole, Jess & Leni talk about how cacao can work during pregnancy and breastfeeding and for conscious motherhood. In addition, the...

Cacao Talk #10: Strengthen the current time, intuition & heart connection

With Shanti Ylli & Leni In our 10th podcast episode, Shanti Ylli and Leni talk about the current time and how we can lovingly stay with ourselves despite all the feelings that arise. In addit...

Cacao Talk #9: Lucid Dreaming, Dream Meaning & Techniques

With Axel & Leni In our 9th podcast episode, Leni & Axel talk about lucid dreaming (lucid dreaming) and what messages our dreams can have. Axel gives tips on how we can better remember ...

Cacao Talk #8: Music, Mindfulness &Masculinity

With Tim from Buddha Code & Felix In our 8th podcast episode, Tim from Buddha Code and Felix talk about the healing power of music, mindfulness and masculinity. Be inspired by how Tim and Fel...

Cacao Talk #7: Balance in being a mom, business & me-time

With Tatjana, Luise, Mica & Leni In our 7th podcast episode, Tatjana, Luise, Mica & Leni talk about balance in being a mom, business & me-time and how you can always recharge. Even ...

Cacao Talk #6: Cacao culture, connectedness & freedom through responsibility

With Naomi & Leni After Naomi's guest blog post on the Bribri Tribe , we immediately invited her to the Cacao Talk :-) In our 6th podcast episode, Leni and Naomi talk about cacao culture, u...

Cacao Talk #5: Wild Femininity, Pleasure & Sensuality

With Silja & Leni In our 5th podcast episode, Leni talks to Silja about sensuality, wild femininity and female sexuality and how Ritual Cacao can awaken them and why enjoyment is so importa...