Walpurgis Night - A Powerful Beltane Ritual

Awaken your life energy

April 30th is Walpurgis Night and Beltane, one of the eight Celtic annual festivals, is also celebrated on the night of May 1st. Beltane announces summer. In addition, your sleeping sexual energy or life energy can be awakened very well on this day. The maypole originally symbolized exactly that: the fertility that comes back into nature and should also be awakened in us humans. It's not necessarily about having children, but rather fertility is a symbol for many areas of life.

Self-reflection & heart path: Use the powerful Beltane energy

Perhaps you have already done our other two rituals for the past annual festivals of Imbolc and Ostara and have gained clarity about where you can go this year.

At Beltane it is time to take a closer look at our path and question it. Which of our goals are still in harmony with us? As we know, everything is changeable and that is the case here too. Sticking rigidly to a set goal is just as futile as throwing in the towel too soon. Everything that is no longer consistent can go and everything else can continue to grow and thrive in fertile soil.

We would like to use the powerful energy of this day to connect with our life energy and see what we want to continue to grow in our lives.



Instructions for a powerful Beltane ritual

Ritual Step 1Cleaning

An important element for Beltane is water.
On the evening of the 30th, take a cleansing salt bath and use it to wash away any old baggage. If that is too much work for you, you can also take a bowl of salt water and wash your hands in it.

Go inside yourself and ask yourself: Which of my goals are no longer in line with my heart? What am I holding onto that wants to be let go to make room for growth?

Ritual Step 2Place of Power

Prepare your Ritual Cacao with lots of love and awareness.* Then make yourself comfortable in your place of power. Set out candles and power items, and have a fireproof bowl ready.

Ritual Step 3Cacao Moment

Ask the Cacao Spirit and all your power beings for support in today's ritual. Invite you to feel your life energy clearly again. Drink your cacao sip by sip and feel into your heart.

Ritual Step 4Beltane Fire

Write down everything that occurred to you during the salt bath that stands between you and your joy in life.

Go out into the fertile, nourishing nature and light a Beltane fire there. Throw the pieces of paper into the fire. Take your time here and feel how your inner space expands with everything you put into the fire.

Ritual Step 5Invite your Power Being(s)

Go back to your power place. Put on some music that suits you. Calm down and take a few deep breaths into your heart.

Place a hand on your heart and imagine yourself opening the portal to your inner, fertile garden. Take a look around here. What do you see? What do you smell? How do you feel here?

Say the sentence inwardly:
I invite my power being to be here with me and show me how I can invite more joy in life in order to continue on the path of my heart.

The nature of the being can be an indication of what qualities you are currently cultivating in yourself and what you may still need.

Stay here as long as feels good. Let your strength being guide you. You can also ask what steps you can take to bring your wishes and visions into full bloom.

Ritual Step 6Life Energy

Imagine how you are being charged with new, fresh energy and feel the life force that has been absorbed within you.

Ritual Step 7Complete the Beltane Ritual

Thank all the forces that supported you and close the ritual. You can do this by tapping your body once and shaking yourself.


I wish you a wonderful Beltane night and a nice May 1st and I would be happy to see you again on June 21st at the summer solstice for the Litha Cacao Ritual.

With Love, Leni

* Here we have a recipe and tips for preparing your cacao for you.