Friendship & Love: Strengthen mindful relationships with Ritual Cacao

Friendship & Love: Strengthen mindful relationships with Ritual Cacao


Friendship and love are such an important topic in our lives and that is why we would like to dedicate this month to strengthening mindful, deep relationships and offer you a cacao ritual for you and your loved ones.

"Basically, it is always
the connections with people,
that give life its value."
Wilhelm von Humboldt

Deep and real connections are a luxury

The older I get, the more important the quality of my friendships is to me, rather than the quantity. Maybe you know this too? When you're young, you have lots of friends and acquaintances you can go out with. As time goes by, it becomes more difficult to find people who are on the same wavelength as you. Maybe time becomes more scarce or the desire for deep connections becomes greater.

I personally find the latter very nice. In a time when everything is happening so quickly, it can be a luxury to build deep connections. Depth comes about in very different ways. It may be that you have known someone for years and have experienced a lot with them. But it may also be that you meet someone and you "click" straight away. There is no better or worse here. What I think is needed for a deep friendship or even a romantic relationship, however, is genuine interest in the other person. Seeing the person as they really are and getting involved with each other.

Ritual Cacao connects you

This is where the cacao comes into play again, which promotes exactly that: Ritual cacao brings you closer to yourself and your heart, and when you are more connected to yourself, you can also engage with the other person much more. You can truly recognize the other person with your heart, as they are and not as you would like them to be. You can read why this is the case in our article “Can you learn empathy?”

We have often received feedback like: I drank cacao with my mom or my sister etc. and suddenly we were able to have deeper conversations than ever before.

Friendship & Love: Open your heart to deep relationships

Open your heart to deep relationships

Cacao has this wonderful effect on us humans. At the same time, we must understand that we also need to be open to allow authentic and deep relationships. Hurts from the past sometimes make us doubt people and we want to close ourselves off. But then we miss out on one of the most beautiful things in the world and, as W. v. Humboldt said, aren't the connections to people exactly what give our lives their value?

This month we invite you to have honest, loving contact and to feel how this improves your quality of life. To go with this, I am giving you a cacao ritual that you can do with the person you love. It doesn't matter whether it is your partner, your girlfriend, your sister or whoever. It's about feeling better and feeling true connections.

A friendship & love cacao ritual with your loved one

Ritual Step 1 Prepare two cups of Ritual Cacao * and go to a beautiful place with your loved one.

Ritual Step 2 Close your eyes and feel into your heart. Invite your loved one to do the same. What is your wish/intention for today's ritual? Share your wishes and speak them out loud into the cacao.

Ritual Step 3 Swap your cups and feel into your hearts again and ask what you wish for the other person. Say that into the cacao and then swap cups again.

Ritual Step 4 Drink your cacao with your eyes closed and connect with your wishes & intentions

Ritual Step 5 Open your eyes and look at each other. Make it your goal that everyone stays completely focused on themselves. Use the other person's eyes to feel yourself even more. Close your eyes again.

Ritual Step 6 Before you open your eyes again, bring all your attention to your heart and resolve to see the other person with your heart.

Ritual Step 7 Open your eyes and share a sentence or word that comes to you when you look at the other person.

Ritual Step 8 Finish your cacao and give each of you 2-3 minutes to share what is going through your head and heart. Just let the other person talk without interrupting.

Ritual Step 9 End the ritual by hugging or exchanging another gesture of solidarity.

I wish you all the best with this little ritual and I am very happy about our connection. It's so nice that you are here!

With Love, Leni

* Here we have a recipe & tips for you on how to prepare your cacao.