Let go with Ritual Cacao in gratitude & love

Let go of cacao in gratitude and love with ritual


In today's blog post, I would like to introduce you to the art of letting go. Those who learn to forgive and let go with gratitude and love can go through life more freely and easily. It's not always easy, but it's worth it. Maybe you're thinking: letting go is nothing new, I've already experienced it all. Then I'll ask you the question:

Do you already know or do you already do it?

We hear and read a lot, but it all depends on what we make of it. It also takes practice. We have learned for so long to react with aversion to undesirable things and to simply want to get rid of things that don't feel good. However, if we take the time to look deeper, we can see the gift in the supposedly "bad" and recognize the connections and messages.

Energy follows attention

Maybe you know what it's like when you don't want something and are resisting it, you put more and more energy into it and the thing gets bigger. Energy follows attention and if you give a lot of energy to a thought or a thing, then of course it gets bigger. So what should you do? Ignore the things you don't like and live in toxic positivity? No! Of course there is a middle way here too.

Reclaiming responsibility and opening up to visions

You can see what you don't like in your life right now and then, as a first step, you can take responsibility back. This thing or this thought is in your life because you created it and/or because you are still holding on to it.

So you can ask yourself, how does this still serve me? For example, you are unhappy with the feeling that you have to do everything on your own. If you are honest, however, you also find it difficult to hand things over and are proud that you have already achieved so much on your own. Here you can look honestly and keep asking yourself why you are holding on to thoughts and feelings and how they still serve you.

In the next step, you can open yourself up to the question: What would it be like without this feeling, this belief? What would I be like? And then open yourself up to a version that is, for example, self-determined and self-responsible, without having to do everything alone. Dissolve the entanglement that self-determination can only exist with being alone.

Cacao as a supporter: Letting go in love without resistance

Ritual Cacao can be a great help here, as it can help you to bring unconscious beliefs to the surface more easily. It can help you to soften your heart so that you can be grateful for the experiences you have had with supposedly bad situations and beliefs. This will make it easier for you to let go without resistance. Simply because the time has come for you to be able to continue on your way without certain things and feelings. The key is to accept what is. Only when you can look at the situation or belief with love can it dissolve.

We often think that we know what is good for us. We want to hold on to things that are pleasant for us and avoid unpleasant things. Paradoxically, this behavior causes us to achieve the exact opposite and makes us so dependent on external circumstances.
It is time to trust life again and the inner strength that guides you.


Letting go & forgiving

Forgiveness is always for you

The same is true of any hurt or resentment you have toward another person. Maybe you can see the point in the long run, or maybe not. Regardless of whether you can see it, know that holding onto the resentment will hurt you more than the other person.

Our system sometimes thinks that we have to keep being angry so that we can be protected from being hurt again. However, you hurt yourself again every time you go into the situation and get angry. Here, too, you can learn that forgiving does not mean forgetting. You can learn from experience, become wiser and at the same time let go and forgive. Not for the other person, but only for your own inner peace. You don't even have to tell the other person that you forgive them if you still believe that they don't deserve it. Do it for yourself - perhaps in a little ritual ?!

Everything begins within you

This month, and beyond, I invite you to practice perceiving your judgments. You can also ask yourself which situations or feelings you are still holding on to and how they still serve you. Open yourself up to letting go of what no longer serves you with love and gratitude and see where you still have anger and resentment and are hurting yourself over and over again.

You can use the following journaling questions to gain clarity about your inner self.

Journaling questions about letting go & forgiving

What have I held on to so far, even though it is not actually good for me? (e.g. people, feelings, situations, etc.)

What or who am I willing to let go of in gratitude?

Who and which situations do I want to forgive and finally make peace?

Who am I and how do I feel when I have let go and forgiven?

What "unpleasant" feelings do I still have resistance to and how can I let them back into my heart and recognize that they are part of life?

What would I do if I were completely free?

Letting go in gratitude with a cacao ritual

You can also wonderfully do letting go in gratitude in a cacao ritual. If you would like to do this with us, we are offering a letting go ritual online live for the summer solstice on June 21st. Here we will practice what I described above. We will also welcome the second half of the year on this special occasion and look at how you would like to align yourself for it in order to consciously and strengthenedly follow your path of the heart.

I look forward to seeing and feeling each other there or at another time!

With Love, Leni