A Litha Cacao ritual for the summer solstice

Litha Cacao ritual for the summer solstice


In our cacao ritual for the summer solstice, we want to use the power of gratitude and appreciate what we have already mastered this year.

Annual festival Litha - The longest day of the year

On June 21st the sun peaks and we have the longest day and shortest night of the year! At this special event of the summer solstice, people came and continue to come together to connect and welcome the summer.

The summer solstice, also called litha, is one of the eight Celtic annual festivals. As a sun festival, Litha is the mirror of Yule, the winter solstice. While Yule represents the return of light, litha symbolizes the greatest unfolding of light. In the cycle of the year, Litha follows 6 weeks after Beltane, the fertility festival, and 6 weeks before Lughnasadh, the 1st harvest festival.

Summer solstice - appreciation of life and our BEING

The nature around us shows itself in the most beautiful fullness. Grasses, herbs and flowers have grown from the seeds. The fruits thrive and ripen in the fields and on the trees.

Like nature, we have already experienced and created so much this year - perhaps we were able to accompany you this year with our rituals at the annual festivals of Imbolc, Ostara and Beltane - and would like to use the special occasion to express deep gratitude and to go appreciation.


Litha Summer Solstice

Instructions for a cacao ritual for the summer solstice 

Ritual Step 1Find a suitable place for your cacao ritual. On this occasion, it makes sense to perform the ritual outside in order to be even closer to nature. But no matter whether inside or outside, feel free to design your feel-good place with candles, power objects, flowers and everything that symbolizes gratitude and appreciation for you.

Ritual Step 2If you are going to be outdoors during your ritual, we recommend you fill your cacao into a thermos and also bring something to write with you. As always, be careful when preparing your cacao.

Ritual Step 3Stand upright at the beginning of the ritual. Shake your whole body once. You can shake out anything you no longer need. Then rub your hands down your body from the top of your head to your feet. Be a bit more dynamic here and repeat the process at least 3 times.

Ritual Step 4Then sit in an upright seat and take three deep breaths into your heart. Imagine your heart getting bigger with each breath.

Ritual Step 5Invite the Cacao Spirit to be here with you and to support you. Close your eyes and speak your intention into the cacao.

Ritual Step 6Keep your eyes closed after drinking cacao. Imagine golden light entering your head from above and flowing throughout your body. All your cells will be charged with this light and new life energy.

Ritual Step 7Let a situation come for which you were very grateful. Where have you been? who was with you How did you feel? Take time to bathe in these feelings.

Ritual Step 8When it feels complete to you, let that image go and come back to you fully. Imagine what you have already mastered and created this year. No matter whether big or supposedly small things.

Let everything come what may come and say to yourself: “I am proud of myself” , “I am grateful for my light and my being” . Then you can hug yourself appreciatively and then slowly open your eyes again.

Ritual Step 9Take something to write and jot down some of the things you've accomplished this year.
Which person comes to your heart immediately, who has accompanied you on your way so far and for whom you are very grateful?

Check in with her after this ritual. Shared gratitude is double gratitude and lived love!!!

Ritual Step 10At the end of the ritual, thank you and the Cacao Spirit and energetically close the room by tapping yourself again and drinking a large sip of water. See what your body needs afterwards. Maybe you want to go for a walk or enjoy the silence. listen to your feelings

With Love, Leni