Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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Sacred incense wood from Peru

Content 3-4 sticks (40g)

Palo Santo, the "Holy Wood" has played an important role for the indigenous population of South America for thousands of years. The more than 100 different essential oils create a strong balsamic smell when you smoke it, which has a euphoric, stress-relieving, clarifying and calming effect.

We were looking for a particularly high-quality smoking wood and found it where our Criollo Blanco grows - in the Piura region in Peru. Coming exclusively from natural stocks of the local dry forests, this Palo Santo is characterized by a very high quality and oiliness. In Piura, the tree is under nature protection and must not simply be cut down. So he lives a natural life. Continue reading

Sustainable Palo Santo from Peru _Cacaolovesme