The Spirit of Cacao is calling you

Do you feel the call of the cacao spirit?

More and more people are hearing the call of the cacao spirit. You feel it's time to look inward. Time to let go of old systems and beliefs and to open up to a new world - inside and out.

Ritual Cacao is said to find you when you're ready.
Ready for what?

Truly look at what no longer serves you and open yourself to the unknown. We often hold on to things and people that are not good for us. We have felt this for a long time, but sometimes the fear of change and uncertainty is still too great. People often get stuck in toxic relationships or jobs because they've been used to this way of life for so long. People often choose what they are used to and not what is best for them.

Cacao always gives us what we need and makes us feel what our heart really wants. When we come into contact with cacao, we get in touch with our inner truth. What sounds so nice is sometimes a challenge that you should actually be ready for before you face it.

Once on the journey to your truth - you don't want to turn back. Ritual Cacao or its spirit is such a wonderful companion on this journey.


What exactly is the cacao spirit?

This is the spirit of the plant. Every living being has a spirit, a soul. For many indigenous peoples, cacao has a feminine power. The Teacherplants, to which cacao belongs, would like to share their knowledge and wisdom with us. Before every cacao ritual, we invite the cacao spirit to share its knowledge with us and to guide us.

The cacao spirit speaks to you through your heart and your feelings. He invites you to connect - with yourself, with others and with nature.

How do I invite the cacao spirit?

If you have already prepared your cacao and made yourself comfortable in a place of power, then you can do the following to invite the cacao spirit:

step 1 Hold your cacao cup in front of your heart. Consciously feel the warmth between the cup and your heart.

step 2 Give this warming connection as much space as possible, enjoy it.

step 3 As soon as you feel an inner impulse, feel free to say the following out loud: "I invite you, cacao spirit, to open my heart and share your wisdom with me. Thank you."

step 4 Now would be the right time to add an intention if you want.

step 5 Enjoy your cacao, feel into your heart and receive the messages of the cacao spirit.

pink-brown mandala

You can be sure that you are never alone, Cacao loves you and is here to bring you into your power, so that soon we can all shine this world together in our brightest light.

Greetings Leni