2022 - From victim to creator

We wish you a happy, transforming new year!

We are very happy to accompany you this year even more on your way to your "true self". We have many exciting new things planned that we will share with you over time. So you can be curious.

Today, at the new moon, we would like to invite you to consciously “start again” and align yourself with this special year. On this occasion we are giving you a small new moon ritual, which will let you arrive in 2022 and in your creative power.
Lots of fun with it...

Create the world your heart desires

Today's new moon in the sign of Capricorn stands above all for the topic "responsibility". It may not sound like fun at first, but it is extremely important on the way to your true greatness. Only when we take responsibility for ourselves and our actions do we move from victim to creator mode. The moment we realize that we create our own world, incredible opportunities come with it. At the same time, we also feel the associated responsibility. If we face this challenge, let go of old victim structures more and more, we can create exactly the world that our heart desires. Cacao, the plant of the gods and goddesses, can of course support you wonderfully in this process.

Cacao ritual for the new moon

Now to our new moon ritual:

Instructions for a cacao new moon ritual

step 1 Prepare your cacao * and find a quiet place.

step 2 Let the past year pass you by in your mind. Say to yourself "everything that is not for my highest and best may go this year".

step 3 Invite the cacao spirit to support you in finding your creative power.

step 4 go into the silence Take three deep breaths into your solar plexus.

step 5 Take another breath into your solar plexus and now say to yourself, "I take responsibility for my life; I am no longer a victim of my past."
Maybe a few more images from your past will come up, maybe even old pain. Try to hug him (always). Don't push him away. Pain wants to be seen and felt in order to go.

step 6 Close your eyes and invite the "highest version of yourself" in. Ask her what message she has for you in 2022. Stay in this state until it feels complete.

step 7 Write the message down on a piece of paper and put it in your purse so that you have it with you and refer to the message again and again in times of doubt.

step 8 Thank the cacao and your higher self and close the ritual.

Mandala Cacaolove.me

We wish you a wonderful new moon ritual and a magical year 2022. May we all take on even more responsibility and thus in our creative power.

Kind regards Leni & Felix

*Here we have a recipe & tips for preparing your cacao for you.