Cacao is a door opener, a heart opener

Cacao is a heart opener

Kakao takes you in his arms, hugs you tenderly and gives you support for everything that may come next. With the rituals of, the focus is always on the connection to yourself. From there we lead in meditations, let people feel their heart's desires or devote ourselves to a special topic.

Since we started sharing our experience and knowledge about cacao rituals in our training , we have been able to experience the diversity and full power of this sacred plant. Because our participants experience in guided vision journeys during the training themselves how they would like to bring cacao into the world.

We asked our participants:

In which area do you use cacao? How does cacao help with this?

"I combine cacao with essential oils, women's circles, sound therapy, ceremonies,..."

Helena Schwarzer | Instagram ➚ | site ➚

"I use cacao in ceremonies where I guide meditations and/or journaling. I also use cacao's support in bodywork processes to touch the issues on different levels."

Kerstin | Instagram ➚

"I often combine cacao with Lomi Lomi massage before the massage session. And with different types of meditation (in the morning). And also with ropes (bondage)"

Chiara | Website KahiLomi ➚ | Website SensualRopes ➚ | Chiara Polacchini's website ➚

"I combine cacao with Hatha & Kundalini Yoga, whereby the cacao makes one's own energies even more noticeable in the body and, in connection with breathing fire, creates a lot of energy in the middle of the body. Breathing becomes easier and deep after drinking cacao and so all exercises have a deeper and deeper effect especially with the heart and the 1st and 2nd chakra I like to work in connection with cacao."

Naomi | Instagram ➚

"I use cacao with astrology - I interpret a birth chart, it's really nice to get in touch with yourself. Cacao supports this in a gentle, deep way. I also like to write a contribution about it. The birth chart helps to understand your own To recognize skills and the place in the big picture. 💛 I also find a cacao ceremony at full moon or new moon totally beautiful and enriching - because with cacao we can go much deeper into the energy."

Pia Tietz | Website ➚ Instagram ➚

"I use cacao to get even closer to myself. Cacao creates a connection to oneself and thus a connection to others and to the outside world. What is so valuable and important these days! This moment when I'm in the Cacaobliss, carried by Good music and this all-encompassing love! No words can describe that. Cacao is simply a door opener. I also use cacao for my clients in energy work to release their blockages, shadow work, in the context of coaching, in body and breathwork, in workshops or simply to in Sharinggrunden or for the participants of my medial reading training. It simply gives people even more access to their topics and connects them to their original source. The nervous system becomes softer and provides support and stability. ☺️ The feedback after a session with cacao is so wonderful! Thanks Mama Cacao"

Julie Schaefer | Instagram ➚ | site ➚

"Cacao & awareness work; finding the inner path and determination, illuminating pain. In combination with shamanic drumming and frequency (sound) healing. And at gatherings/festivals"

Rani Christiane | Instagram ➚

"I drink cacao, among other things, when I go on a shamanic journey and just listen to my feelings. I then intuitively know when it's time for cacao again. I combine cacao with a sound massage, Reiki or with a sound bath"

Janina | Instagram ➚ | site ➚

"For my art, healing energy paintings, for manifestation and to honor my body. To get in touch with the beings of nature. To deepen theta healing."

Klara Contzen site ➚

"I like to use cacao for rituals either for 1:1 sessions or in groups. In combination with theta healing, heart chakra meditations, movement meditations or embodiment"

Klaudi | Instagram ➚

"I use Cacao for Celtic Holiday Rituals, Journaling, Theta Healing®️, Moon Ceremony, Hot Chocolate Massage, Letting Go and Manifestations"

Carmen Horn | Instagram ➚ | site ➚


"I connect with the spirit of Mama Cacao to help wonderful souls connect with their Higher Self and accompany them on the journey back to their true Self. In the process, they are gradually remembering their deep-seated dreams and their soul mission - their life purpose - for which they are here in this world"

Linda | Instagram ➚ | site ➚

"I combine cacao with ThetaHealing and KundaliniReiki in order to heal even more gently and deeply and to open myself up to transformation. Cacao is also ideal for meditation. I love to invite the spirit of Mama Cacao into my individual accompaniments, to support women in finding their true strength and greatness. Cacao has become my daily and faithful companion and so many more people can experience this wonderful gift."

Lisa| Instagram ➚ | site ➚

"I use cacao in my personal little rituals to connect with myself, to connect to my inner femininity and to open gates to connect me more and more to Mother Earth and Mama Cacao. Cacao supports me in my heart opens up, my mind clears and is open to impulses, what my inner strength wants to tell me. I like to combine cacao with music, incense and with other women."

Sandra | Instagram ➚

"☀️Cacao ceremonies and team connection events for companies, live and online. In times of home office and remote teams, cacao ceremonies are wonderful ways to strengthen a feeling of connection in a team, to ignite the passion and creativity of employees for their job and a heart synchronicity to create in the company what an incredible effect a company can achieve.Cacao and Theta Healing.Cacao Divine Priestess Rituals.Because cacao as a cosmic earthly spirit allows us so easily to access the feeling of oneness with our essence power of unconditional love.And us from the head to the heart and into the wise womb, it is the ideal companion and initiator in cosmic energy work.vCacao and dance: ecstatic dance, sacred dance rituals, sensual embodiment dance for women.Cacao connects us so beautifully with our body, its deep wisdom and intuition and opens the gates of our much.❤️ Head out...enjoy your body in this moment.✨💓🔥"

Hannah Naomi Ruebig Instagram ➚ | site ➚

"I bring Mama Cacao to women's circles so that the heart connection becomes even more open, intense and powerful. I would also like to use Cacao to gently guide others who have not yet dealt with their spirituality so intensively."

Mona Lisa | Instagram ➚

"I use Mama cacao in connection with fire 🔥 and dance 💃🏽. I also use cacao as a wonderful start to sing from the heart together with others or to share something from the heart.

Maha Dyal Schwab | site ➚

"I like to use cacao in combination with yoga, free dancing and also in coaching. Cacao is a real door opener every time, because it makes us more gentle, emotionally and energetically accessible and more open. It can solve blockages very well and is therefore great support to find solutions more easily and/or simply to feel freer."

Cacao moment | Instagram ➚

"I connect cacao with Theta Healing, sexological bodywork and meditation. A wonderful door opener is cacao in yoni massages/women's work for deep healing work.

Nadine Auwärter | Instagram ➚

"With my work I would like to bring more connection into the world, because people learn in and through connection. In the first step with themselves, in the second step through connections to the outside. Cacao enables us through its grounding, stabilizing, holding, relaxing , opening and thus connecting mode of action to activate this connection to ourselves again and again and to really feel what we need right now. It is a signpost on the way to my inner being. I therefore use cacao for all topics where connection may be established "In my Connect to Tax Coaching, I use the connecting effect of cacao, for example, to overcome fears and excessive demands and to establish a new, easy and self-determined connection to the subject of taxes. I also combine cacao with Reiki sessions in particular. Through the cacao, the Energies in the body even more noticeable and access to the subconscious more open."

Steffi | Instagram ➚ | site ➚

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In which area do you use cacao? How does cacao support you?
Feel free to share it with us and write to us.

Kind regards Leni & Felix