Cacao & Dreaming - Guest post by Axel

A treasure awaits every night

Our nightly dreams are not only wonderful experiences, but also valuable and supportive companions on the path to self-knowledge and healing. By working with one's own dreams, one encounters one's inner self in a direct, undisguised way. They are mirrors, teachers, signposts, messengers. Not for nothing is the dream also referred to as the royal road to the soul.

Every night there is a treasure waiting to be rescued. There are no limits to the experiences. Especially when you start lucid dreaming. That means knowing in the dream that you are dreaming and learning to control your dreams. Just the experience of suddenly realizing during the dream that you are dreaming and finding yourself in a world that is "only" created in your own head and in which all possibilities for action are open to you can be transforming and liberating.

Sleeping with cacao

dream journal

I record all my dream experiments in my dream diary. In my opinion, keeping a dream diary is the most important part of exploring your own nocturnal worlds of experience. I can recommend it to everybody. You can keep it very simple though. Just get a notebook, preferably with white pages without lines. You can also make short sketches or drawings if you find it difficult to put certain details of the dream into words. Write down the date, the dream content and maybe other things that come to mind about this dream from waking life to bring it even more into this reality. The marking of so-called dream sign things that happen to you again and again in dreams, or people, living beings that appear again and again in your dreams, is very helpful and interesting and contains one or the other information about your inner being.

Cacao intensifies my dream world

I have been involved with dreams, dream work, dream interpretation and lucid dreaming for over 25 years. I offer (lucid) dream workshops and use the cacao for this to better connect with the heart and the dream level. The cacao lets me perceive the subtle levels of my body and mind. On these levels I can get in touch with the dream world even more deeply and intensively, reliving my nocturnal experiences and connecting them with the waking consciousness. I find it a good tool for integrating the dream experience into the waking world.

Cacao ceremony and dreams

I am currently testing whether cacao is also a good tool to induce lucid dreams. In addition, I drink a few sips of cacao in the early morning hours around 4 a.m. in combination with some Ashwaganda powder. The ashwaganda (sleeping berry) has a calming effect and thus counteracts the activation of the cacao. Then I can fall asleep again. But the cacao makes my mind more alert and alert. So far, one out of three attempts has been successful. At the end of my experimentation phase I will write an extra article about it.

Some use cacao to sleep better, some to stay awake longer or to dream more intensely. How do you use cacao at night? Have you ever experienced lucid dreams?

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Sincerely, Axel