Ritual Set
Ritual Set

Ritual Set

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We donate 5% to the "Cinco Rios del Marañon" 🤎 project in Peru.


250g Ritual Cacao*
50g Mindful Bliss
1x Palo Santo

Everything for your own cacao ritual. The set includes heart-opening Criollo Blanco cacao from Peru, a packet of our Mindful Bliss spice blend and 2 Palo Santo sticks for smoking and energetic cleansing. The content is enough for 8-10 cups.

Everything about Criollo Blanco , Mindful Bliss , Palo Santo and how to prepare it.

Our cacao has a naturally high theobromine content of 186mg/100ml and a caffeine content of 28mg/100ml. Not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women. More questions and answers in our FAQ.

After opening, store in a dry place at room temperature. You can find a detailed nutritional table for this cacao here. Net filling quantity is 50g spice blend and 250g cacao. The minimum shelf life is 2 years.


Organic label cacao