Cacao ritual for the spring equinox

When is the vernal equinox?

On March 20th we celebrate the vernal equinox, also known as the vernal equinox. It marks the astronomical beginning of spring. Day and night are exactly the same length here. Light and darkness are in absolute balance and harmony. It is a special event, which was and is still celebrated by many cultures worldwide, including the Maya.

In our latitudes, the spring equinox is also known as Ostara, the festival of the beginning of spring. Even if the origin of the festival, whether Celtic or Germanic, is not clear, as a sun festival it is now one of the eight annual festivals and is celebrated 6 weeks after Imbolc and 6 weeks before Beltane.

Cacao Ritual for Spring Equinox (Ostara)

time of growing

With the vernal equinox, spring finally banishes winter. The darkness retreats and the soothing warmth and power of the sun increases daily. And no matter where we look, life comes alive with such overwhelming beauty. The buds and plants sprout, heralding further growth.

The first rays of sunshine also lure us outside, warm our hearts and charge us with new energy. Like nature, we feel a deep desire to become active. Our time to grow has also come.

Give your wishes and dreams time to grow

The Spring Equinox is a wonderful opportunity to remind yourself of your vision and to further realize ideas and desires. The concentrated energy of nature that surrounds us supports you.

If you have already used the annual festival in Imbolc to find a vision, then now is the time to express your vision again and to commit yourself again.

It is recommended NOT to constantly question your wishes and ideas. If you've really taken the time to feel your heart's desire, stick with it—at least 90 days. You've probably heard that it takes so long to form a new habit.

Nor is it an exact number of days, but a good amount of time that will allow your visions to germinate and grow. As with everything, the middle ground is advisable here. Give your wishes and dreams time to realize them and after a good time ask yourself whether they are still in harmony with you.

We have prepared a cacao ritual for you to match. It's designed to help you stay focused and celebrate all that's already in your life.

A power & abundance ritual for the spring equinox

Ritual step 1 Feel free to design a small spring altar at your feel-good spot with candles, power objects, flowers and everything that symbolizes growth for you.

Ritual step 2 Spread out your Ritual Cacao with lots of love and awareness.* Then make yourself comfortable in your feel-good spot with pillows and blankets. Also, have something ready to write about.

Ritual step 3 Sit comfortably with your cacao in an upright position, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths into your heart. Hold your cacao cup in front of your heart. Consciously feel the warmth between the cup and your heart.

Ritual step 4 Take a sip of your cacao. Invite the Cacao Spirit to be here with you and support you in your growth. Then drink your cacao sip by sip and breathe into your heart. Feel free to leave a little bit of cacao in the cup.

Ritual step 5 Hand on heart - be completely honest with yourself: Am I doing things that bring me closer to my vision or take me away from it? Who or what am I letting myself be distracted from / diverted from my path?

Ritual step 6 Imagine a jet of water coming down from above and washing away from you whatever is distracting you and not in your highest and best. Shake yourself once until you feel like everything that doesn't support you has fallen away. Feel free to send pictures.

Ritual step 7 Come to rest, close your eyes and feel into your heart. Now let your vision, your wishes and ideas rise from your heart again. A look at your vision board might also help. Remind yourself how you will feel when all of this has come true. Maybe some things are already solid in your life or the first buds of it.

Ritual step 8 GRATITUDE. Bathe in these feelings and feel the gratitude for everything that is already there and everything that is yet to come.

Ritual step 9 Now put a hand on your heart again and promise yourself that you will continue on your heart path. Remember: You know who you really are and you know what you can do to get closer and closer to this truth.

Ritual step 10 Thank you and the Cacao Spirit and close this ritual by opening your eyes and patting yourself. Give the rest of the cacao you left back to Mother Earth as a gift.

Greetings Leni

*Here we have a recipe & tips for preparing your cacao for you.