Get in touch with your higher self with Ritual Cacao

Get in touch with your higher self with Ritual Cacao


This month we would like to dedicate ourselves to the topic “Higher Self and our creative power”. You have probably heard this expression and associate something with it. Often we get thoughts like, higher, faster, further... that the higher self is a perfect version of you. We start to evaluate: “My higher self wouldn’t get that angry.” You see yourself sitting on the meditation cushion in linen clothing in complete peace and after a healthy lunch you quickly save the world and eliminate all problems including climate change.

The Higher Self is a REAL VERSION of you

In my eyes, the Higher Self is NOT a perfect version of you. It's the REAL version of you. A version that doesn't judge between good and bad, but simply knows what's right for it without judging anything else.

To get in touch with this version, we can become quiet, go into silence and also use cacao as an aid. We are not talking about something that still needs to be created. It is who you already are at your core and always have been. It's about remembering, not creating something new.

Get closer to your true self with Cacao

Since Cacao supports us in making our inner voice become louder and see more deeply, it often helps me to make contact or to continue to remember this core within me.

In moments when you follow your joy, pursue your passion, are in the so-called flow state - that's exactly when you are in contact with your higher self. In this state it is easy to get into DOING. That's exactly what it's all about. You develop your creative power when you create out of joy. It is the perfect interplay between feminine and masculine energy.


Solar plexus chakra

Activate your inner fire

So this month we invite you to do things that bring you joy. Not just imagining what everything could be, but getting moving and living the fire within you. In the yogic tradition it is said that our inner fire is located on an energetic level in our solar plexus chakra.

This energy center is also called the Manipurna Chakra and is located above your belly button. It is also called the “power center” or “solar plexus” and is associated with the element of fire.

On an energetic level, this chakra contains topics such as courage, success, power, money, impact, self, etc. On a physical level, the navel center is closely connected to your digestive system (stomach, intestines and liver). In addition, your solar plexus chakra can serve as an internal drive for your desires and manifestations. It supports you in not only imagining your visions on a subtle level (in your thoughts), but it also helps you directly implement them. If you want to know how to learn to manifest successfully, read our 7 tips for successful manifestation .

5 tips to strengthen your solar plexus chakra

In order to fully live your creative power again, you can use the following tips to strengthen your solar plexus chakra in everyday life:

Tip 1 for strengthening your solar plexus chakra Eat lots of yellow and orange foods such as oranges, tangerines, lemons, etc.

Tip 2 for strengthening your solar plexus chakra Practice abdominal exercises, such as sit ups, to strengthen your navel center

Tip 3 for strengthening your solar plexus chakra Wear citrine as a gemstone or place it on your stomach

Tip 4 for strengthening your solar plexus chakra Place a singing bowl on your stomach and feel the vibration in your solar plexus

Tip 4 for strengthening your solar plexus chakra Get plenty of sunlight

Mini ritual tip

To connect with your solar plexus chakra on a deeper level and strengthen your power center, during your next cacao ritual, imagine how with each sip the cacao flows into your navel center and a yellow sunlight becomes larger and larger at this point. You can let the light spread throughout your body and send it to areas of your body where you may need healing or strength.

Encountering your higher self in everyday life

In order to encounter your higher self again in depth, you can ask yourself the question again and again: Who am I if I don't have to be anyone in my deepest core?

The more layers you peel away from what you have learned about yourself so far (beliefs etc.), the closer you come to your higher self.

Finally, I would like to give you a picture of a matryoshka figure. It consists of several doll cases and you can open them repeatedly until you get to the smallest version inside the doll. The same is true with our higher self.

May you get closer and closer to your true self and let your heart guide you.

With love and connection, Leni