Criollo Blanco

We have set out to track down the most original and finest cacao varieties and share them with you - like our rare Heart Cacao of the Criollo Blanco variety from Peru, which we have been sourcing from a farmers' cooperative called Norandino since 2019.

Cacao from Peru

The Criollo Blanco was hidden in the mountains of the Andes for over a century until it was rediscovered in 2008. This fine and very rare cacao is regularly recognized for its unique taste of dried fruits and nuts and for its naturally golden color. We especially love this cacao because of its heart-opening effect.

Smallholder cooperative

This Criollo Blanco is grown and harvested by farmers who have joined together to form a cooperative called Norandino in order to assume social responsibility in the region and establish organic farming. Large areas of the region lie in the mountains of the Andes. Intensive agriculture is not even possible there. The farmers use traditional cultivation and harvesting methods that do not harm Pachamama (Mother Earth). After harvesting, the cacao beans undergo a natural fermentation process,
gently solar roasted and then processed into a fine cacao mass.

Good impact

We buy the cacao directly from the farmers to ensure that the full purchase price reaches the farmers and does not disappear into unknown pockets. In order to support the farming families in the long term, we pay an extra 33% and donate 5% from the sale of the cocoa. This is used to finance a reforestation project, which was awarded the ProKlima Award. You can find out more about the " Cinco Rios del Marañon " project here.

Criollo Blanco


Origin: Norandino, Peru

Cultivation: Organically grown

Theobromine content: 186mg / 100ml

Cultivation altitude: 900 -1700m above sea level

Aroma: Dried fruits

Bitterness: Mild

Moisture content: 7%

Degree of fermentation: 75%

Roasting: Solar dried