Cacao with heart: Our commitment

We love bringing cacao into the world and making its heart-opening effects accessible to so many people! However, we also think about the heritage of this plant and the people who grow the cacao.

It is important to us to support the cacao farmers directly. That's why we pay more than fair prices right from the start and have supported development projects since day 1.

Now we want to go one step further! Every time cacao is purchased from us, 5% of the income goes directly to local projects. Together we can give even more back to the local people and contribute to the protection and preservation of original cacao species.

“Cinco Rios del Marañon” project

The first project we support is in the Amazon region in northeastern Peru. The goal of the project is to make 303 farming families more economically stable, independent and climate-resilient and to promote sustainable agriculture. This means strengthening their ability to act and securing and improving their living conditions through the effects of climate change.

Measures on site

The "Cinco Rios del Marañon" project was launched in 2016 to improve the quality of life of small cacao farmers. We achieve this by increasing productivity, preserving biodiversity and protecting the natural heritage of original cacao varieties. The funds go directly to the following measures, among others:

1. Establishment of a permanent plant for the production of organic fertilizer for plant fertilization.

2. Establishment of forestry and cacao tree nurseries.

3. Advising and supporting producers in the implementation of environmentally friendly agricultural production practices to promote soil regeneration and increase crop yields.

Cacao from the tropical forest

The “Zonal 5 Ríos del Marañon” is located in northeastern Peru in the Amazon region in the provinces of Bagua, Condorcanqui and Utcubamba. The area lies lower than the rest of Peru and is delimited by the influence of the Andes.

There is a humid, tropical climate and the soils are fertile with good drainage - ideal conditions for growing cacao and tapping into the growing market for fine cacao.

Cacao farmers of the “5 Ríos del Marañon”

Cacao is an important source of income for farming families in the Amazon region. But climate change, low prices and little attention from local and national authorities are putting small cacao farmers under pressure. They decided to organize themselves and look for alternative solutions on their own.

In 2016, the “Cinco Rios del Marañon” project was founded by the partner cooperative Norandino to increase the income of local cacao farmers, improve their quality of life and strengthen climate resilience through the effects of climate change. Currently, 303 farming families consisting of 79 women and 224 men are connected to the project.

Thank you for your support

Every time cacao is purchased from us, 5% of the income goes to this great project. Many thanks from the local farmers, our partner cooperative Norandino and the team.

Let's think in terms of solutions and give more value and meaning to the word "we". We are all connected.