The wonderful power of heart opening with Ritual Cacao

Heart opening with Ritual Cacao


Rely on your heart,
because it has already struck,
before you could think.

This month we are dedicating ourselves to the wonderful topic of opening your heart or accessing your own heart. We believe that we make all important decisions from the heart, or at least we should. As children, this is something we naturally developed: we act according to our intuition and go into the world with an open heart.

Various situations and experiences can make us want to protect our heart and close it. First of all, there's nothing wrong with that. Our heart wants the best for us and also wants to protect us. But if it causes us to feel like we are alone, that we can't trust anyone, that life feels cold and heavy, it's worth examining and, if necessary, strengthening the connection to our own heart.

Because when we close our hearts because of pain, we no longer let in the unpleasant feelings, but we also don't let in the lively and loving feelings. And don’t we all want to feel alive and loved?

How can I strengthen the connection to my heart?

As always, everything here begins within ourselves. We can learn again to open up, trust life and love. Then we can also be loved and valued from the outside. Before we start building a stable and loving relationship with ourselves, let's take a look at what it looks like right now. To do this, I invite you to check in with your heart every morning for the next 14 days. When you wake up in the morning, lie in bed for a moment, place both hands on your heart and ask:

Heart, how are you?
What do you want from me today?

After this time, when you know and understand the voice of your heart a little better, you can, for example, arrange a date just with yourself once a week or once a month. Make it as nice as if you were doing it for a loved one. (You should be that for yourself too). You can also make a list of things that make your heart sing, like going to the forest, dancing, playing music, exercising... and block some time in your diary every day for exactly these things.

Journaling questions about the heart

Journaling is also a wonderful tool to create more connection to your heart. Questions you can ask yourself here, for example:

What makes your heart grow bigger with joy?
How much do you already listen to the voice of your heart in everyday life?
Which relationships in your life nourish your heart?
Which relationships drain your energy?
How do you define love for yourself?
What are you grateful for from the bottom of your heart in your life?


Heart chakra

8 tips to strengthen your heart chakra

Of course, your heart chakra is also connected to your heart and there are various ways to strengthen it:

Tip 1 for strengthening your heart chakra Eat lots of green fruits and vegetables such as kiwi, spinach, broccoli & Co.

Tip 2 for strengthening your heart chakra Breathe deeply into your heart and open it through physical exercises such as stretching your arms to the sides.

Tip 3 for strengthening your heart chakra Wear rose quartz as a gemstone on your body or place the stone on your heart while meditating.

Tip 4 for strengthening your heart chakra Show your love to yourself and others, for example by telling yourself or your loved ones how much you appreciate them through words or small gestures.

Tip 5 for strengthening your heart chakra Allow yourself to feel ALL emotions again.

Tip 6 for strengthening your heart chakra Always ask yourself in everyday life what your heart wants from you.

Tip 7 for strengthening your heart chakra Practice small daily gratitude rituals and think about everything you are grateful for in your life.

Tip 8 for strengthening your heart chakra Drink our heart-opening ritual cacao and, to support you, use one of our audio rituals from the shop on a desired topic such as heart opening or forgiveness .

What does heart opening mean?

The word heart opening appears again and again in connection with Ritual Cacao. It is often thought that this means we feel light and good. This can and may happen. But opening your heart is so much more. For me it means that all feelings can be there. This is exactly what Ritual Cacao supports.

Feelings that would otherwise be pushed down come to the surface and are allowed to flow. Feelings only want one thing, to be felt. If you are willing and allow it, they are usually gone as quickly as they came. Of course, it can still be scary, especially when feelings arise that you may have been pushing away for years or decades. Many of our participants in Cacao Rituals describe that they were able to confront topics that they had not wanted to look at for a long time. They feel like there is someone there to hold them and that is exactly how it is. That's why we often talk about Mama Cacao. This refers to this holding, maternal energy that accompanies us on the path to opening our hearts.

Heart opening is different for everyone, but it is exactly what the inside needs most right now. You can find out more about this in our new Cacao Talk . Here we also give you a little heart cacao ritual.

An open heart is a brave heart

It takes courage to open your heart. As described above, when you turn to your inner self, not only beautiful feelings come to the surface, but also pain and everything that the human emotional range has to offer.

Still, I can tell you, as someone who kept his heart closed for a long time so he wouldn't have to feel all the pain of the past, it's worth opening up. Every day I decide to soften, open up and feel. It's not always easy. However, this makes life richer in experiences and liveliness.

Only then was I able to form and, above all, maintain deep connections with other people. Is it sometimes too much for me and I want to close myself off again? Absolutely. But the voice of my heart is now louder and I am humble enough to listen to it. And this voice says:

“It’s worth opening.
It's worth feeling, touching and being touched.
All for a more loving world that begins within you.
Be brave and follow me! Your heart!"


With Love, Leni