A Mabon Cacao Ritual for the Autumnal Equinox

Mabon - the 2nd harvest festival

From September 21st to 23rd we celebrate the Mabon annual circle festival and the autumnal equinox, also known as the autumnal equinox. It marks the astronomical beginning of autumn. As with Ostara , the vernal equinox, day and night are exactly the same length - light and dark are in harmonious balance.

Mabon is the eighth and last of the Celtic annual festivals. The sun festival of Mabon closes the cycle of the year, which then begins anew with Samhain at the end of October.

Time for introspection and recharging

We see and feel it, the nature around us is entering a new cycle. The leaves are starting to glow with the warm colors of autumn. Apples, pears, rose hips, berries and plums are ripe and the plants are releasing their seeds for the next season. Summer is coming to an end and autumn is approaching. The power of the sun gradually decreases, and even on warm days, the coolness of the coming autumn can be felt in the evenings. And from now on, the days will be shorter and the nights longer, until we will experience the longest night at the winter solstice on December 21st.

In our last annual festival, Lughnasadh , we once again let go of what no longer belongs to us or has been completed in maturity. We looked at the fruits of our work and appreciated them with gratitude.

At this last Celtic festival we wish to remember these fruits once again and charge ourselves with all the abundance in our lives. This is a beautiful preparation for the coming dark season. The more nourished we are, the easier it is for us to have darker times. In addition, we can also come into a kind of review, cleanse ourselves and prepare for the new cycle.


Mabon Cacao Ritual

Ritual step 1 Feel free to design a small Mabon altar at your feel-good spot with candles, power objects, the gifts of nature and everything that symbolizes abundance for you.

Ritual step 2 Prepare your Ritual Cacao with lots of love and awareness.* Then make yourself comfortable in your feel-good spot with pillows and blankets and get something to write ready.

Ritual step 3 Smoke yourself and your place once and say to yourself the sentence: "I am closing this cycle and making room for something new." We recommend our Palo Santo , the "holy wood", for smoking.

Ritual Step 4 Say an intention to your cacao. For example, you can invite feelings of abundance and gratitude. You can also set the intention that cacao can help you to close everything that is open in the next few weeks to make room.

Ritual Step 5 Close your eyes and feel the cacao spread throughout your body. Breathe calmly into your heart and imagine how with each breath your heart gets bigger and bigger. Let the year so far run in front of your inner eye. Invite your heart and the cacao to let particularly valuable moments and the associated feelings rise in you.

Ritual step 6 Bathe in these images and feelings. Imagine storing all those moments in a photo album in your heart. Press your flat hand a little harder against your heart and say the following sentence: "All these images and feelings are now stored here." Remember this gesture for times when you want to revisit those memories.

Ritual Step 7 Stay in these images and feelings for as long as feels good to you.

Ritual step 8 After that you can open your eyes again and take something to write. Be sure to stay in this meditative state to journal intuitively.

What abundance have I experienced this year?
What am I particularly grateful for?
What am I particularly proud of?
Which projects / things have I brought to maturity and can I enjoy their fruits?

It's so important that we begin to notice these things, no matter how big or small, even more. To celebrate them and to let them become an important part of our lives. We're back to the next one so quickly after completing projects or activities. But in order to attract abundance, you must learn to appreciate and absorb the abundance that is already there.

Ritual Step 9 Write a letter to your future self. Not to ask them for advice, as you might know, but to tell them how AMAZING YOU ARE :-) What beautiful things you have experienced this year, what your highlights were, what you are proud of and what you created and experienced all things wonderful. You can consult this letter if you need motivation and strength in the darker days.

Ritual step 10 Finally, thank the Cacao Spirit, yourself and life.

I wish you much joy in this ritual. May it be a very special ending to this cycle and open to all that awaits you in the next cycle.

Kind regards, Leni

* Here we have a recipe and tips for preparing your cacao for you.