A love ritual in the full moonlight

Love ceremony in the full moonlight

At full moon the energy is usually very high. This time is ideal for a wide variety of rituals. Today we would like to give you a love ritual with cacao.

Also known as a natural aphrodisiac, cacao helps you awaken your sensuality, impulsiveness and animalistic instincts.

Of course you can also perform this love ritual without a full moon and alone to strengthen the connection to you and your self-love.

Instructions for a love ceremony with cacao

step 1 Make yourself really nice with pillows, blankets, candles and power items.
Prepare the Ritual Cacao with lots of love and awareness*.

step 2 Since the full moon also brings a lot of impulsiveness, we recommend moving your body a bit at the beginning of the ritual. Put on your favorite music and shake and dance for a few minutes.

step 3 Come to rest and breathe deeply into your heart for a few minutes.
If you do the ritual with your heart person, sit across from each other and look into each other's eyes. Try to see the person in front of you with fresh, unbiased eyes.

step 4 Write down three things that you value in each other. Exchange your slips of paper and read them out. You can also do this for yourself.

step 5 Place your prepared cacao directly in front of the heart. Feel what you wish for your partner from the bottom of your heart and then say it into the cacao cup. Then you swap cups and drink cacao together. Everyone puts their hand on the heart of the other. Take your time here. Consciously take every sip. You can say: "With every sip of cacao, my heart opens a little more."

step 6 Come back to your space and meditate in silence for a few minutes.

step 7 Now it's time for what the cacao wants to do to you. Maybe you feel the impulse to dance again or you exchange a few conscious touches. Let yourself be guided by the full moon energy and the cacao ritual.

step 8 Thank the Cacao Spirit and close the ritual by listing two things for which you are very grateful.

Have a wonderful full moon ♥

Full moon love ritual

With Love, Leni

* Here we have a recipe and tips for preparing your cacao for you