Fasting with cacao - a field report


At the beginning of the year we met Frank, who has tried fasting with cacao and has also been working with ritual cacao for years. Cacao is a superfood and has an abundance of the most valuable nutrients, which is why fasting with cacao has a long tradition. Frank shares his experience with us below

A guest post by Frank

I recently did a fasting cure. For the first time. I only ate cacao for a week - just like monks did in the 17th century. have fasted. My requirements for this were:

1x cup of cacao a day
4-5 liters of water throughout the day

For the morning cup of cacao, I dissolved one of my raw cacao pralines in 200ml of water. For breakfast there was another praline to snack on. So I was able to achieve a very powerful cleansing through the ingredients of the cacao and the water, which was supported and guided by Mamacita Cacao. The daily dose of raw cacao was around 40g.

Two weeks earlier I was still joking: "I'll never do something like that, as a chef I just love to eat." But then I heard my inner voice say: "We are fasting now!" In addition, I always wanted to feel the effect of my SEI DU KAKAO chocolates in their purest form. It couldn't be more honest. And since I've never fasted before, I was interested in what fasting does to me in general and whether I can keep it up.

Renunciation combined with cacao as a catalyst have given me an unforgettably beautiful and powerful week. I've rarely had as much energy as this week. Added to this was an incomparably large portion of happiness and well-being. Only the sleep, somehow it didn't really want to. In fact, my body never gave me more than 4 hours of sleep at night, because then it was completely fit again.

It was magical. Every day made me discover new things and let go of old ones. In 7 days so much has changed and manifested like never before. The power and energy of cacao made the great shift possible. I can recommend a cacao fasting cure to anyone who is interested.

In my opinion, however, one should be careful and very careful with it and not take it lightly. Above all, it is essential to listen to yourself and your needs during the fast. Don't take on too much, because for a transformation of this magnitude, the body needs a lot of rest. Therefore, make sure that you do not take on too many tasks and commitments for the fasting days.

Incidentally, I also used the Criollo Blanco variety from for my new "EARTH" element chocolates. It fits perfectly into the recipe. Find out more about me and my chocolates. More about me & my chocolates ➚

Sincerely, Frank