Cacao as a natural aphrodisiac

Cacao as a natural aphrodisiac


The natural aphrodisiac cacao provides the perfect blend of stimulating pleasure and a feeling of relaxation. But what in cacao actually makes you want it? And did you know that the aphrodisiac properties were already known to the Aztecs?

Love and lust is something beautiful and natural and should be enjoyed to the fullest. How fitting that cacao can still promote this pleasure.

Aphrodisiac properties of cacao have been known for a long time

Even the Aztec emperor Moctezuma (1466-1520) consumed cacao as an aphrodisiac. Cacao should not only promote desire, but also potency and even prevent sexually transmitted diseases. All this knowledge also reached Europe, where only the nobility could use this special means for their lovemaking. This even went so far that in the 16th century the church declared the consumption of cacao as a "voluptuous amalgamation" and thus as a sin.

The German theologian Franciscus Rausch even claimed that the scandals in the monasteries come from precisely this cacao drink. Therefore, the consumption of cacao is not compatible with a life of sexual abstinence. Luckily we don't live in a monastery in the 16th century and can devote ourselves wholeheartedly to this wonderful effect of cacao.


What in cacao makes you want it?

What in cacao makes you want it?

The phenylethylalanine contained in cacao stimulates our nervous system and can make us feel in love and lust.

In addition, the large proportion of magnesium in cacao has a very relaxing effect on our body. So it creates the perfect mix of stimulating pleasure and a feeling of relaxation and security.  (Find out more about the effects of cacao on body, mind & soul.)

We recommend flavoring the cacao with vanilla and chili. These are also among the pleasure-makers of nature (Choras Aphrodisias). The blood circulation as well as the production of happiness and sex hormones is stimulated by chili. In addition, the cacao can be absorbed faster.

Drinking cacao as a wonderful, sensual start to togetherness

Of course, it also depends on what mood you're in when you're consuming cacao. Whether you are open to your lust at all and who you are with at the moment. Eroticism also arises in the mind, which is probably one of the reasons why cacao is repeatedly associated with sexuality. Isn't it a lot more erotic to drink cacao together with your partner, maybe even lick it off your body, than just pop a pill before making love? For me, drinking cacao together can be a wonderful, sensual start to togetherness.

Cacao affects everyone differently. It always depends on the person, the daily form and also on external circumstances. I know people who immediately notice this pleasurable effect. I need a little more time for this. When I've had a cup of cacao, I like to look inside myself first. Build a loving connection with myself. Only then can I communicate with the outside and e.g. B. Get in touch with my partner. That can get very intense and hot ;-)

Well, do you fancy it? Then just try it out for yourself.

If you still need a bit of inspiration, I'll link you to a little love ritual here that you can do even without a full moon. You'll find out what that has to do with the full moon during the ritual ;-)

With Love, Leni