The power of the moon rituals with cacao

The power of the moon rituals with cacao

Live in harmony with the lunar cycle

Restless nights at full moon? Full power at new moon?

Have you ever observed this phenomenon in yourself? All of this may be because we humans respond to the gravitational pull of the moon and can feel different in the different phases of the moon. Some people are more receptive and open to the energies of the moon and others hardly feel the difference between the individual phases of the moon.

However, everything in our universe is subject to certain rhythms and cycles - be it ebb and flow, the female cycle, day and night or the moon cycle. And as you can probably already guess, the different phases of the cycle of the moon, as well as all other cycles, bring with them different topics that I would like to discuss with you in more detail.

New moon = new beginning

About once a month, the new moon heralds a new phase of the moon. Even if the moon is only in the new moon at a certain point in time, we can also perceive the energies more intensively 3 days before and 3 days after. From an energetic point of view, the new moon also stands for a new beginning and if we live in harmony with the lunar energies, we can do a powerful new moon ritual around the new moon to realign our lives. In this ritual you can reflect on what you want to invite into your life and what your visions and wishes are for the beginning of the new phase of the moon. You can ask for the new moon to support you in opening new heart paths for you.

Full moon = letting go

The full moon represents the peak of lunar energy and shines in its fullest presence in the sky about once a month. The energies 3 days before and 3 days after full moon invite us to let go of the old in order to make room for the new at the next new moon. The energy of the full moon can support you in reflecting on where you may still be carrying old baggage in your life, although it is about time to let go of it. Just as the full moon brings light into the darkness on the outside, it also brings light into our innermost being and illuminates the corners of our lives that we are still allowed to see and heal. I therefore invite you to support yourself in the process of letting go with a full moon ritual around the full moon.

Moon rituals to look inside

It doesn't matter whether it's a full moon or a new moon, both periods are wonderful for an introspection. You can let cacao help you with your ritual to feel held and safe if you want to let go of the old on the full moon. And on a new moon, cacao can open your heart to new impulses, which could be your next step in life. In addition, cacao allows you to land even more in your body during your ritual thanks to its grounding effect.

If you would like to do a guided cacao ritual for the full moon and/or new moon , please visit our shop. Here I will guide you through the energy of the respective moon quality in the cacao rituals.

Greetings Leni