Cacao ritual to strengthen your basic trust

Cacao ritual to strengthen basic trust

Basic trust is a big topic and for me the basis on which our life is built. Many people try to heal things in their lives or to make them better and often scratch the surface here. They take care of the symptoms and not the causes. Basic trust uses one of the deepest levels, which develop primarily in the first three years of life. During this time, children need reliability, physical and emotional attention and belief in their own abilities.

Trust means we believe in ourselves or other people and have positive expectations. We need basic trust in order to be able to decide in favor of trust in the first place or to know what trust feels like. A deep feeling that life at its core is always for me, even when "bad" things happen.

How does a lack of basic trust express itself?

A lack of basic trust usually only becomes apparent in adulthood. Signs of this can be the following: fear of commitment, hardness and strictness towards yourself, always wanting to be in control, great need for security, anxiety, etc.

If you feel that your basic trust should be stronger, there is no point in becoming a victim of trying to blame your parents for not giving you enough of these things (remember, everyone can only give what he himself experienced or later learned) or holding on to the past. YOU HAVE A PAST, BUT YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST.

You can choose again and again and you can nourish the feeling of basic trust. There are different possibilities for this.

Cacao Ritual: Working with the root chakra for more basic trust

Today I would like to give you a cacao ritual that will support you. Here we strongly address the root chakra, in which the topic of basic trust is anchored. Let's go…

Ritual step 1 Prepare your Ritual Cacao with lots of love and awareness*.

Ritual step 2 It's best to go outside and sit on the ground. If our basic trust is not developed, we often feel the need to be held by our mother like a child. We can remember that there is Pachamama - Mother Earth - who holds and carries us.

Ritual step 3 Give the following intention to your cacao: "I allow you to invite basic trust into me. I remember the feeling of basic trust." See if there is something of your own that you would like to put in the cacao.

Ritual step 4 Drink your Ritual Cacao with your eyes closed and imagine roots going from you into the earth. These roots connect you to the earth and to a very large network of information and feelings. You can also stand up for it.

Ritual Step 5 Invite the Cacao Spirit and Mother Earth to hold you and send you feelings of self-assurance, confidence, trust in life, courage and softness.

Ritual step 6 Imagine yourself pulling red energy out of the ground with your roots and spreading it throughout your body. Say to yourself internally: "I open myself to life. I feel that I am taken care of at all times and that I can devote myself to life."

Ritual Step 7 Bring your attention to your head and imagine this red energy now bringing whatever is still blocking your system back down into the earth. Make room for the feeling of basic trust.

Ritual Step 8 Repeat this until it feels complete, and then open your eyes again. At the end you can write down three questions and simply write intuitively what is coming.

Where and with whom do I feel at home?
Who or what gives you a sense of security?
What can I do tomorrow to further strengthen my basic trust?

Ritual Step 9 Thank Mother Earth, the Cacao Spirit and yourself and close this ritual by shaking yourself off and/or turning on a song and landing very strongly in your body again.

I wish you much joy in this ritual. Be loving and gentle with yourself. As already written at the beginning, this is a deep and big topic. This ritual serves as a starting point, but further work may be needed to nurture this important feeling.

In love and connectedness

Kind regards, Leni

*Here we have a recipe & tips for preparing your cacao for you.