Full Moon | AUDIO

Full Moon | AUDIO

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The length of the ritual is about 25 minutes.

Full moon ritual with Leni

In this cacao ritual, I invite you to use the energy of the full moon to create space and space within you for everything new that may arise.

Sometimes our lives and thoughts are so full that things we wish for or manifest don't happen because the space is already taken. The full moon is about letting go, making room and reflecting, so the full moon is a wonderful opportunity to clean up a bit inside you. On the next new moon, which stands for a new beginning, the cleaned space, the place that was created there, can be filled with new heart desires.

Come on this wonderful journey with the support of Ritual Cacao and the full moon energy. The full moon illuminates your path and with every step, with every heartbeat you connect more with the cacao medicine, with your inner voice, with your intuition. We invite you to let whatever may come come from within you, from your heart.

This cacao ritual supports you to let go of what is between you and your heart in acceptance, gratitude and love, to make room for what is meant for you, what is for your highest and best.

This full moon ritual is suitable for every full moon. But since each full moon is in a different sign of the zodiac, you can also see what the quality of the current full moon is and maybe align yourself more internally with it or ask yourself specific questions.

Es wird empfohlen 3 Stunden vor dem Cacao Ritual nicht mehr zu essen und am Tag des Rituals keinen Kaffee zu sich zu nehmen. Suche dir dann deinen Wohlfühlplatz und mache es dir mit Kissen und Decken gemütlich. Schalte dein Handy aus und sorge dafür, dass du nicht gestört wirst.

Falls du Psychopharmaka oder andere Medikamente nimmst oder ernsthafte Herzprobleme hast, teile uns das UNBEDINGT mit. Wir besprechen dann mit dir, ob Ritual Cacao fĂĽr dich geeignet ist.

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