New Moon | AUDIO

New Moon | AUDIO

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The length of the ritual is about 23 minutes.

New moon ritual with Leni

This ritual connects you with the depth of your heart and your creative power through the powerful combination of cacao and the new moon energy.

While the full moon is about letting go, making room and reflection, the new moon symbolizes a new beginning. The space that was tidied up on the full moon can now be filled with something new on the new moon that really touches your heart. This is exactly why it is so important to work with cacao medicine on this powerful day, to open your heart and ask what you really want in life.

Guided by the cacao spirit and the new moon energy, we travel in this wonderful cacao ritual to a place where everything is possible, where you have all the strength to align your life exactly as your heart desires for you. Experience there how it feels when you are connected to yourself and your heart and live exactly what you are here for. Experience what it's like when you really are in your highest power, your being, your creative power.

This journey supports you to integrate these wishes and dreams into yourself and shows you that everything you have seen and felt is your reality.

This new moon ritual is suitable for every new moon. However, since each new moon is in a different sign of the zodiac, you can also see what the quality of the current new moon is and maybe align yourself more internally with it or ask yourself specific questions.

It is recommended not to eat 3 hours before the cacao ritual and not to have coffee on the day of the ritual. Then find your place of well-being and make yourself comfortable with pillows and blankets. Turn off your cell phone and make sure you won't be disturbed.

If you are on psychotropics or other medications, or have serious heart problems, MAKE SURE you let us know. We will then discuss with you whether Ritual Cacao is suitable for you.

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