The diversity and beauty of sexual energy - A guest post by Silja Janina

The diversity and beauty of sexual energy


This month we are dedicating ourselves to the beautiful topic “Sexual Energy, Fertility and Transformation”. In this guest article, Silja Janina gives her valuable perspective on this exciting field.

Sexual energy is life energy

When most people think of sexual energy, the first thing that comes to mind is probably sex. Sexual energy is much more limitless and goes beyond sex.

You may have heard that sexual energy is life energy. And actually, look around the world: Everything living in this world, every person, every animal, every plant came into being through sexual energy. It is an incredibly powerful energy that can actually create life. Without them there would be nothing living, vibrant on this earth.

Nature is full of fertility and sexual energy as a creative force. It flows through everything, it creates and creates in every moment. You may be able to observe this particularly well right now, at the beginning of spring. Flowers are so beautiful and colorful because they want to attract insects to reproduce. In the animal world, almost everything that is colorful, particularly beautiful or eye-catching is because it serves to attract mates for reproduction.

Sexual energy is a natural, species-preserving energy that is responsible for the diversity and beauty of our planet.

Recognize wishes and desires

And yet sexual energy is often taboo and is something that most people are reluctant to talk about, not at all, or only with shame. But why is that so?

Our use of sexual energy is conditioned - that is, shaped by cultural and social values. In our western world, the Christian church has had a strong influence on our view of sexuality over the last 2000 years. Virginity, like Mary's, was considered a high value. Following the Christian God was not compatible with sexual needs. Even though we now live in less religious times, this conditioning continues to persist for many without being questioned.

But how about we question exactly that and allow ourselves to deal with our sexuality, our longings and wishes and thereby come much closer to ourselves.

Tantra and Neo-Tantra

If you want to start exploring this field for yourself, there are wonderful tools like Taoism or Tantra teachings - because they do not exclude sexuality from their spiritual teachings, but actually see sexual energy as something sacred, which leads to enlightenment and self-knowledge. Sexuality can bring you closer to God instead of away from him. In the original Tantra, exercises only make up a small part of this. That's why Tantra, as it is often practiced in the Western world, is usually not a classic Tantra, but a so-called Neo-Tantra, i.e. a Western interpretation of Tantra.

There are beautiful tantric exercises and rituals with which you can experience yourself and your partner more deeply through breathing, awareness and directing your sexual energy.

We can also consciously “work” with sexual energy, that is, use it, direct it and transform it through it. Maybe you know it yourself - if you are not connected to your sexual energy, if there is shame or blockages there, then you probably also feel blockages in other areas of your life or less joy in life.

Sexual Healing

As mentioned at the beginning, you can not only feel your sexual energy during sex, but you can also consciously use it as a drive or use its creative energy for yourself, for example to bring projects into the world.

Sexual energy can even be used to heal. Because hardly any energy brings you so into your body, into your subconscious and makes you feel so intensely. It's a very honest energy - there's only so much you can fake or manipulate. Your desire and your body don't lie.

Maybe you are now wondering how you can specifically use your sexual energy, for creativity or to create projects or for healing?

The next time you feel desire, which can be joy of life, but also sexual desire, then close your eyes for a few moments and consciously breathe this desire from the lower part of your body into your entire body. Visualize these energies filling all of your cells, making everything shine and even radiating beyond your body. You will notice how powerful this energy is, how it activates, inspires and stimulates your creativity.


Sacral chakra

5 tips to strengthen your sacral chakra

Other ways to harness this energy is to work with your sacral chakra. This energy center just below your belly button is connected to your sexual organs on a physical level and also represents topics such as sexuality, creativity, love of life, enjoyment and sensuality on an energetic level. With the following 5 tips you can consciously strengthen and balance your sacral chakra in everyday life:

Tip 1 Allow yourself to be creative: whether it's painting, writing, singing, taking photos, doing crafts, etc. Find something that brings you joy.

Tip 2 Practice hip-opening yoga exercises such as the pigeon, seated or lying butterfly and Malasana. Feel free to use our Cacao & Yin Yoga Ritual as a template.

Tip 3 Pamper yourself and give yourself plenty of self-care moments alone. Whether in the bathtub with a good book, at a candlelight dinner or a sensual cacao ritual.

Tip 4 Connect with the element of water, which is associated with the sacral chakra. Go swimming or enjoy the time in the shower and imagine how the water washes away everything that no longer belongs to you.

Tip 5 Dance! Turn on your favorite playlist, close your eyes and move intuitively to the music. Allow yourself to move sensually from your hips.

Sexual Energy Journaling Questions

Finally, I would like to invite you to make a Ritual Cacao and reflect on the following questions. Ritual Cacao has an aphrodisiac effect, which means it can get your sexual energy flowing and at the same time make you more sensitive to deep feelings surrounding this topic. You can find out more about this in our blog post “Cacao as a natural aphrodisiac”.

❉ What were you taught about sexuality?
❉ How did your environment and its values ​​shape you?
❉ How would you like to feel about your sexuality?
❉ What do you wish for?
❉ What kind of image and relationship to your sexuality would you like to have?

Insight is the first step to solving or transforming something. Once you have found the beliefs that you have internalized about sexuality or female desire, you can actively resolve them.

Because you deserve to let your sexual energy flow freely and enjoy it shamelessly - as something beautiful, natural and enriching.

With love, your Silja


Silja Janina creates safe, deep and transformative spaces online and offline for women to immerse themselves in female sexuality, empowerment and embodiment. She has found her calling in leading women back to their primal feminine power and sexual liberation. She supports women to embody and live their true, beautiful and empowered selves. |

[The featured photo comes from a retreat by Silja and was photographed by Kristin Mees.]