How do I set powerful intentions?

How do I set powerful intentions?


When it comes to our cacao rituals, we always talk about "setting intentions". It is an integral part of every cacao ceremony. In today's post, I would like to explain exactly what we mean by that and how you can set the most powerful intention possible.

What does "set intention" mean?

For me, setting an intention means expressing a positively formulated intention. It also contains the energy with which you want to start the day, the ritual or the next few weeks. You determine where your energy and thus your attention may go.

I often go to cacao rituals or meditations and have an idea of ​​what I would like to wish for. However, when I am open, a different image or feeling usually comes up. So I really try to feel my intention at the exact moment I set it.

The most important thing about a powerful intention is that you also connect to the feeling. How does it feel when your wish/intention has come true? The better you can let this feeling rise in you, the more strongly you have already drawn your wish into reality.

Sometimes it can also be useful to write down your intention so that you can remind yourself of it again and again. For example, an intention could be: "I go through the world curiously and with an open heart". In those moments when you might be judging others (or yourself), you can remember your intention and feel open and curious again. Of course, judging yourself for judging is useless.

How can cacao help to receive intentions?

What is the difference between an intention and simply setting a goal? An intention comes from your heart and not from the ego. It is linked to your values ​​and feelings. It usually comes intuitively and together with physical sensations. Since cacao helps us to go more into our feelings, it is of course perfect for setting a strong intention. The Cacao Spirit lets us expand and makes room in us to receive our intention in our lives.

It's nice to take a little time for an intention to give your heart space. The more time you give yourself to go into your feeling and the images that appear with it, the more firmly your desire can anchor itself.

This may all sound more complicated than it is ;-)
Just try it out for yourself and set an intention for your day tomorrow morning.

How to Set Powerful Intentions

Step 1Come to rest and feel your heart

Step 2Ask yourself what do I want to invite/create today. What energy/vibration do I want to be in?

Step 3Allow images and feelings to arise.

Step 4Formulate a positive sentence and write it down.

Step 5Feel it. Reconnect with your heart and read your intention out loud. Do you feel joy and positive feelings rising in you? Then it is your intention for the day. If it feels rather difficult, go back into stillness and repeat the questions from #2.

With Love, Leni