Full moon ritual in the sign of Sagittarius

Energy full moon

The June full moon is in Sagittarius. This means it is time for change and realignment in our lives. The moon in Sagittarius encourages us in new projects and gives us new, fresh energy. So this is a wonderful time to focus on bigger goals and to invite into life what we desire. We have prepared a ritual for you to match this full moon energy.

Instructions for a full moon ritual

step 1 Prepare a nice place with pillows, blankets, candles, and power items. Put on some relaxing music. You can also play our Rituals and Meditations playlist ➚ .

step 2 Next up is the preparation of your Ritual Cacao. Feel into yourself while stirring. Ask yourself, "What is my biggest wish right now? What else do I want to invite into my life this year?" If you already get answers, let them flow into your cacao during preparation.

step 3 Sit comfortably with your cacao in an upright position. Take a few deep breaths and invite the cacao spirit to be with you and to guide you. Close your eyes and ask your heart what it wants to open up to. Which goal/project would you like to devote yourself to in the near future? The first answer is the correct one. You are not talking to your ego. You are in direct contact with the Cacao Spirit, your heart and your intuition.

step 4 Come to rest and breathe deeply into your heart for a few minutes. Ask yourself, "How does it feel when I put my plan into action? Who am I with? Where am I? How do I look?" Allow images and feelings to arise.

step 5 When the meditation feels complete to you, open your eyes and tap your body once. You can also stand up and stretch.

step 6 Now it becomes very practical. After all, the full moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, which means implementation and zest for action. Write down your goal/project. If you have more than one goal, feel free to write them all down. Now you write down three concrete steps for the implementation of each goal/project. One thing you will do today. One thing to do by the end of the week and one thing to do by the end of the month. Of course, everything depends on your project/goal.

step 7 Finally, thank you for achieving your goal. Formulate it as if it has already become a reality. For example, it could sound something like this: "Thank you for finding my new home in XY; with a large garden, bright living room and an office space where I can record my videos and mediations." Be as detailed as possible here. Everything you saw during the meditation you can bring together here.

step 8 Thank you and the Cacao Spirit and conclude this ritual energetically by tapping yourself again and leaving your place of power.

See what your body needs afterwards. You might want to dance a bit or go outside as well. Listen to your empowered intuition.

With Love, Leni

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