Selflove with yoga & cacao - guest post by Inga

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A guest post by Inga

When we hear the word cacao, for whatever reason, most of us get a warm, fuzzy feeling. Because our inner childhood memories are firmly anchored with the idea that a hot chocolate can soothe any sorrow.

Even when we are adults, we always fall back on sweet chocolate. But here we quickly realize that this is no longer a sustainable solution. Because our concerns want to be heard and seen. They can no longer be soothed with a little chocolate.

As an emotional eater and yoga teacher, I can tell you a thing or two about it. After all these years and transformative experiences of my asana practice, I know full well that no chocolate in the world could replace my self-love practice. Because in yoga I learned to hold myself and to be there for myself. In this article I would like to tell you how wonderful it can be to combine yoga and cacao.

Kakao & Yoga - I can tell you: This is really healing and deeper shit!

Regardless of whether I lead a ceremony for myself or in a group, the process always happens intuitively. I connect with the spirit of the cacao plant and let myself be guided. The consistency of the tasty, velvety mass in my favorite cup alone is a pleasure. With every sip, I gain a little bit more confidence in myself. The anticipation and curiosity also increases. What will the sacred plant cacao , the mother of medicinal plants, show me again today?

Yoga & cacao ceremony with Inga

Cacao opens and makes me honest! She shows me my vulnerable sides as well as my deep inner feminine power.

Candles and healing stones decorate my yoga & cacao ritual. Self-care is now the order of the day! I begin with activating breaths and stretch my arms into the air with a deep inhalation. My hands are clasped together - pointing to the ceiling. I feel my upright posture with pleasure and at the same time all the cells in my body fill up gratefully. A little self-massage from head to toe gets my meridians flowing.

I arrive more and more in myself. The cacao brings us to the heart and I intuitively feel which asana is particularly important for me right now.

Even if all the good nutrients of the medicinal plant have a very energizing effect, I recommend the Yin Yoga practice. Because in the quiet gentle exercises, we get to all the hidden emotions. We get access to everything for which there is little or no time in everyday life.

With the next deep inhalation, I stretch my arms and hands up into the sky and exhale to flow to my outstretched legs. With each exhalation I let go and come more and more into myself (stretched, seated forward bend).

Prevention in yoga strengthens our immune system in everyday situations and even helps to take a look into one's own past.

"Prevention is better than cure," said the Greek physician Hippocrates.
The quote from 400 BC Chr. is in no way inferior to its effect today.
Prevention is letting go, as these postures bring us lovingly in touch with our past. Through my deep exhalation, I sink more and more into this exercise.

Great effort does not bring progress. It is much more the gentle devotion in this attitude to the earth.

The mantra "let go" supports me in this. Sometimes I also listen to beautiful yoga music. Here is my playlist for you to let go.

I straighten up and feel the need to open up again. Exhaling, I flow into Twist Seat (Ardha Matsyendrasana); Gratitude floods my body again. Twisting postures are also perfect to support me in the process of letting go. They help the body to detoxify by "wringing out" the organs and thus releasing emotions. In Yin Yoga we stay in each posture for 4-7 minutes. Admittedly, this can be challenging at times. But the ingredients of cacao have a positive effect on our serotonin balance.

My happiness hormones are stimulated and the long-lasting exercises feel like I'm cuddling with myself.

Because I feel my body more and more and relaxation spreads in me, I leave my everyday life behind me. I arrive, feel the appreciation and love for my body. I move dynamically and yet very gently into the backbend, the cat or Marjaryasana . Here I enjoy my round spine and open the chest and heart into the cow (Bitilasana).

I think cacao makes you sexy!

Yoga and cacao let me experience an emotional roller coaster ride and send me on a journey to my inner self. Through this special practice I learn more and more to accept and enjoy the colorful life outside. I internalize that without tension there is no relaxation. No inhalation, no exhalation!

In the pose of the child (Garbhasana) I really snuggle into myself again. I enjoy the small package that I have formed out of myself and feel the earth beneath me.

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Be good to yourself!
Sincerely, your Inga

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