Cacao farmers take responsibility. Us too!

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Our Criollo Cacao: Original, pure & fair

We set out to track down the most original and noble cacao varieties and share them with you. After 9 months of searching, we found our Criollo Cacao in a remote mountainous region in northern Peru. Around 7,000 smallholder families live there, who have formed a cooperative since 1995 in order to take on social responsibility in the region and to establish organic farming. Corporations don't stand a chance here, because the farmers' cooperative acts as one - also politically - and has become an audible voice for smallholders.

Large areas of the Piura region lie in the mountains of the Andes. Intensive agriculture is not even possible there. Fortunately! The farmers use traditional cultivation and harvesting methods so as not to harm the Pachamama (Mother Earth). After harvesting, the cacao beans are subjected to a natural fermentation process, gently roasted in the sun and then processed into a fine cacao mass. Original & pure.

We are all connected

Incidentally, we buy the cacao directly from the farmers to ensure that the full purchase price reaches the farmers and does not disappear into unknown trouser pockets. In order to support the farming families in the long term, we pay an extra 33%. In this way, we also support a local reforestation project, which received the ProKlima Award.

We're telling you all this because we feel we can start thinking in terms of solutions and want to give the word "we" more value and meaning. We are all connected - the cacao farmers from Peru, you, me. And we think the cacao tastes even better when everyone involved gets something out of it.

Luck Luck Luck