Secret Love Cacao Ritual for a fulfilling love life

Love Cacao Ritual "Secret Love"

A cacao ritual to take your love life to the next level.

This first sentence surely makes many think of fancy techniques, optimization and that you have to do more to have a good love life. In my opinion, it's exactly the opposite. It's about taking the pressure off, cutting out all the frills and just BEING with another human being.

A fulfilled love life with heart contact

Above all, for me, a fulfilling love life is about really wanting to see and hear each other - having a genuine interest in the other person. When the heart is nourished, it runs all by itself in bed. At this point I would like to quote a very wise woman:

"Forget about sex. Just play first. Dance, sing, read to each other, breathe together - communicate. Don't count on sex to be the door to intimacy. It's the other way around: first develop intimacy skills. Then make love to enjoy them." Margot Anand

Ritual Cacao - door opener to feelings and desires

Ritual Cacao cultivates exactly these qualities in us. It opens our heart and our emotional intelligence increases. We can perceive other people on a deeper level and engage with each other in a new way. Cacao gives us more access to our feelings, but also to our desires. You can find out more about the connecting and pleasurable effect of cacao in our blog post "Cacao as a natural aphrodisiac".

Of course, cacao has a different effect on everyone and also to different degrees. For that reason I'm a big fan of saying try it for yourself. For this we have a little ritual for you, which you can do with your loved one.

Instructions for the Cacao Ritual “Secret Love”

Make yourself comfortable, light some candles and play soft music. Prepare your Ritual Cacao with a lot of love and awareness*.

Sit opposite and close your eyes.
Feel into yourself and ask yourself:
What is my wish / my intention for today's ritual?
How do I want to feel about the other person after the ritual?
Share your wishes with your eyes closed and give them to the cacao.

Drink the cacao sip by sip and breathe consciously. Everyone comes to themselves.
First we can be connected with ourselves, feel our own desires and needs clearly, and then go out of the clarity and fullness into contact with the outside world.

When each of you feels settled and relaxed, you can open your eyes. Look into the eyes of the other person and try to feel yourself even more through this contact. How do you feel? how does your heart feel It's not about what the other thinks. Use the eyes of your heart person to feel yourself even more.

Close your eyes again. The next time you open your eyes, look at the other person with your heart. Share the first word or phrase that comes to mind when you see the other person that way.
Such a small yet powerful exercise. Exactly as described above - leave all distractions aside and really feel and engage.

Tell you a secret. No matter how small or large - something that the other person doesn't already know about you.

Now ask the cacao what he would like to do with you. Maybe you feel the impulse to dance or you exchange a few conscious touches. Let the energy that arises guide you.

Complete the ritual by devising a secret sign that only you know and remember this ritual. You can use these signs to remind each other of the feeling of love and connection when it is needed.

Have fun letting in and connecting.

Greetings Leni

* Here we have a recipe and tips for preparing your cacao for you


Cacao ritual for couples

Pair of Cacao Ritual | Video

We are happy to recommend our video "Cacao Ritual for Couples" to you and your loved one. This ritual is a very special way of coming into heart contact with your partner and guided by the heart-opening effect of cacao, it opens the door to connection and true love even further.