2023 - Birth of self-responsibility

What does the new year have in store for me?

One of man's greatest desires is probably to see into the future - to have a glimpse of what might be to come. Man has discovered or developed numerous methods that support us in this.

Every year millions of people wonder what the new year will bring. Especially after the last few years, some of which were very upsetting and by no means boring, you might be wondering what 2023 has in store.

Astrologically, the year is ruled by the planet Mars. The Mars principle stands for new beginnings, a pioneering spirit and energy, but also for confrontation. Pluto will be in Capricorn and this can stand for power and control (Pluto) by the state (Capricorn), but also for the birth (Pluto) of personal responsibility (Capricorn).

In the Chinese horoscope next year it is the Water Rabbit's turn, which heralds a calm, harmonious life in which one's own well-being is paramount. It should also be a good time to resolve contradictions.

A world of infinitely many truths

And there we come to the point, there are many, many sources and interpretations. Some resonate with you, some not at all. Some things might scare you. Especially in our so-called information age, we are flooded with ideas, opinions, theories.

And surely most of them also have a truth in them. One truth in a world of infinitely many truths.

Now how do you deal with it? What is safe in this world? What gives you orientation?

birth of self-responsibility

3 valuable things we can count on

I would say, for sure, we have to breathe to live on this planet! And that's a wonderful thing. Why don't we just focus on what's safe?

Also, since you're reading this blog article, I'm assuming that you also like cacao! ;-) Then let's combine these two things.

Spiritual scriptures have been telling us for thousands of years, and more recently science, how powerful our thoughts are.

I think that in these turbulent times these are 3 very valuable things that we rely on and that can help us a lot in the new year to let something good come out of the coming year.

Feel into your heart with cacao and breathe

I invite you to spend a lot of time in the new year feeling out of your head into your heart and just breathing.

Our head has many ideas about us and the world, how everything should be, when we would finally be happy and how the world would actually be a better one.

But no matter what the next year brings, it will happen in the NOW and in the NOW you will breathe, maybe hold your breath for a moment or two, but basically you will breathe.

And conscious breathing can be a wonderful, refreshing, calming or even energizing experience. In any case, they bring you into the here and now and into your body. This anchors you in what is real and what is safe.

If you combine these conscious breaths with a cup of cacao, you are already holding a small ceremony.

Consciously choose your thoughts and feel them

And since all good things come in threes and I've already mentioned the power of thought:

Why not just stop the usual mush of thoughts for a few moments and replace them with consciously chosen thoughts? If you then also feel these consciously chosen thoughts, you have already set a powerful intention.

If you do this regularly, because the secret lies in repetition, you can certainly do something for yourself and your future, no matter what the stars are.

Self-efficacy starts with small things

Just to clarify again, I believe the planets exert a force on us, everything is connected. I am also sure that there are cosmic laws and cycles in which we move and which influence us. But sometimes it's the very small, simple things that are our biggest supporters. Self-efficacy starts with these “little” things.

And through this we can perhaps also support the birth (Pluto) of self-responsibility (Capricorn) and thus create a desirable future in which we can transform even difficult star constellations into something valuable for us.

I wish you a wonderful, self-determined New Year
Sincerely, Axel