Self-Love Cacao Ritual - In a love relationship with yourself

Self-Love Cacao Ritual - In a love relationship with yourself


Give you love

You can never celebrate love enough! Is this only for couples? Who actually says that? Love is always present, even when there is no one opposite. But even when you are in a relationship, it is important to cultivate self-love and self-care.

Everyone needs love! Most of all self love! Devote yourself lovingly to the most important and yet mostly neglected person in your own life - yourself. You are the person who knows you best, who goes with you through thick and thin, day and night, accompanying you from birth to death . I think that deserves a lot of love and affection.

I want to invite you to give yourself a gift, to honor yourself and to give yourself love. So how about you treat yourself today like you're in a romantic relationship with yourself?

For this I have a little self-love ritual for you. And when your bowl is full, you can fill someone else's bowl too. :-)

Self love cacao ritual

Prepare the place of your ritual lovingly, as if you were meeting your dream date/partner. It can be lush with flowers, beautiful blankets and candles. Put on your favorite music, maybe even something romantic.

Place a mirror in your setting and get something to write on.

Prepare your cacao and make sure that you are already in a state full of loving thoughts while preparing the cacao. You can already thank Mama Cacao for the coming beautiful ritual while preparing the cacao.

Consciously drink the cacao and feel into yourself, feel your heart and your entire body, which has carried you, accompanied and kept you alive all your life.

Remember what your body has already done for you, what beautiful moments you have experienced through it.

Now imagine that there is a person (or people) you love, maybe a friend or a parent, and that person should describe your most beautiful qualities. What does this person particularly appreciate about you? Try to collect as much as possible, but at least 5 items. There can also be silly, funny things involved. write it down

Now imagine this person saying these things to you and thanking you for being in their life. Feel how does it feel to get those compliments?

Now look in the mirror, feel your heart, the love of cacao and feel all the compliments that work in you. How do you look? Smile in the mirror and try to see yourself with your heart. This person in the mirror has managed to walk this planet to this day, to overcome crises, to experience ups and downs, to experience great happiness and also pain. And now she sits here and indulges in this ritual! What self-love, self-care! Thank yourself for that! Maybe you're stroking your own cheek lovingly. Touch you! feel you!

Imagine golden light raining down on you. Like showering, rub this wonderful golden light all over your body. Include it in your cells. Do you feel a tingling?

And now dance to your current favorite song. Feel the life in you, the love, Mama Cacao. Celebrate yourself!

Kind regards, Axel