How we source our cacao and pass it on to you

Cacao Harvest

Very different people love and appreciate our Ritual Cacao. It's wonderful to see that we're reaching out to both total cacao novices and seasoned cacao drinkers. We hear sentences like "I've tried so much cacao, I think yours is the best in terms of effect and taste" or "I started with your cacao and have always stuck with it". Of course that warms our hearts ;-)

We have tried many cacaos ourselves and that's why it took so long to choose ours - everything is allowed to be just right. We are currently looking for another cacao or another source. We don't make it easy for ourselves. We have high standards for both you and us when it comes to the cacao and the source of supply.

Cacao straight from the farmers

As you may have read, we obtain our HEART CACAO directly from the farmers, for example, to ensure that the full purchase price reaches the farmers and does not disappear into unknown trouser pockets. In order to support the farming families in the long term, we pay an extra 33%. In this way, we also support a local reforestation project, which received the ProKlima Award. If you are interested in the topic, you can find more information in the blog post Cacao farmers take responsibility. Us too!

Incidentally, this direct connection gives us the opportunity to pass our cacao on to you at a comparatively low price. A question that we are often asked: "Why is your cacao cheaper compared to other cacaos of this type?"

Cacao - Sharing the medicine of the heart

I can promise you one thing, it's not the quality :-)

We pay attention to high quality standards, fair supply chains and the associated payment. We are fortunate that we can source directly from Peru, so there are no intermediate costs. We pass this advantage on to you.

We simply want to make the medicine of the heart accessible to as many people as possible. There will be a post about this soon. At the same time, we ensure that cacao is treated with due care and appreciation.

Maybe you're thinking to yourself, "I would never have called your cacao cheap". Of course, this is due to how you look at it, what comparisons you have, etc. The bottom line is that I would also say that cacao is a luxury good that can be treated as such.

That's why we invite you, whether you enjoy our cacao every day or once a month, do it with love, gratitude and mindfulness - for YOU and for this wonderful plant.

Kind regards Leni & Felix