Mama Cacao and the inner child

How do I recognize my inner child?

The inner child is an important essential part of yourself. A gentle, innocent, pure essence that resides within you. This child has lived in you since the beginning of your earthly life - is a part of you. It has made experiences and anchored beliefs in itself. It is said that the inner child has two sides and therefore two types of beliefs.

Mama Kakao and the inner child - child of the sun and child of the shadow

We are talking about the shadow and sun child. The shadow child brings negative beliefs into your life that have arisen from painful experiences. For example, a sentence might be "I'm not good enough". The sun child radiates positivity into your life. A belief of this might be "I am valuable, always cared for."

You encounter both of these sides in your everyday life and are often decisive for how you see life. Often, when we get in touch with our inner child, we recognize where certain behaviors and problems come from. So if you go into the inner child, a lot of clarity, acceptance and resolution can arise there.

Mama cacao supports you

Cacao gives us a wonderful, loving access to our inner child. Many people describe how they feel held after drinking Ritual Cacao. Hence the term
"Mama Cacao" .

You have the feeling that you are not alone and that you are supported. It is so much easier to look at things that might otherwise be pushed aside. Thanks to the feelings of happiness that are poured out by drinking cacao, we can also celebrate our sun child. Yes, we can marvel and laugh at our talents and gifts. We have the power to see our positive beliefs, strengthen them and integrate them more and more into our lives.

How do you get in touch with your inner child?

By getting to know your inner child, you have the opportunity to free, dissolve or strengthen beliefs. In the first step, you can simply observe them without judgement, so that you can really get to know yourself. You recognize and understand your reactions. You also understand your insides, your pain, your passion - and that doesn't mean a rational understanding. It is about an inner understanding from the heart. And what medicine could support you better in this process than medicine of the heart?!

If you would like to delve deeper into this topic, I cordially invite you to our cacao ritual "Inner Child".

Greetings Leni