Field report - A conception cacao ritual

In many cultures, cacao accompanies the various transitions in life and important events. How you can help an unborn soul with the transition to this world with the help of cacao and rituals, you will find out in today's guest article from the expectant mom Alicia.

Procreation of a child - a creative process

I think the conception of a child, this creative process, to honor and enjoy is something very important! Just like being consciously connected to each other in deep love during this time and thereby opening yourself up to a higher power and a beautiful soul that can find you more easily.

This is not only magical but unique and I wish this to everyone who decides to bring a child into the world!

Ritual Cacao can serve as a very good support, because especially with such a big, life-changing decision, you might be a little nervous or too busy in your head, but it would be so important to be completely in your heart at that point.

Since I was doing a shamanic training at the time and also living so spiritually, it was very important for me to consciously call a soul that would like to come to us. Thanks to my period calendar, I knew exactly when my most fertile time was. So we chose a day under good stars for our ritual.

preparation and cleaning

We took a nice walk in the forest, cooked and ate delicious food and really enjoyed ourselves. In the evening we prepared everything for a cacao ritual. First we cleaned the apartment of negative energies with the help of sage and mugwort. Meanwhile we said the Gayatri mantra. We danced together to shake off old things and increase our energy levels.

When it came to the ritual, I made a circle of protection using a rattle, gems and palo santo, decorated everything nicely and placed objects in the center that represented the 4 elements, as well as other objects of protection and power.

We sat down in the candlelight opposite in the circle to invite the cacao spirit. We enjoyed the cacao sip by sip, consciously feeling it in our bodies to connect even more deeply with each other. We did the same with our hearts, placing our left hand on the other's heart to feel the heartbeat.

Welcoming a new soul

Then we said three things that we especially love about each other. Hand in hand we meditated to fully focus on our future child. We did this by manifesting happy moments and connecting to the soul to call upon it.

At the end we did a tantric partner exercise to connect the root and sacral chakras, sang a closing song, said thank you and devoted ourselves completely to the creative process of procreation, in full love and conscious joy.

I felt like I was pregnant the very next day.

We both clearly saw our daughter in meditation. I knew from that day that we were going to have a daughter and when the doctor confirmed it, it was a great feeling to know that I could rely on my intuition.

Alicia Turk

We wish Alicia and her family many heart-opening moments and only the best for the time to come.