A cacao ritual song to immerse yourself in

An atmosphere to immerse yourself in

Everyone knows that moment when music hits the heart straight! Sounds and vibrations can touch deeply. Sounds speak a universal language - the language of music. We therefore like to use a wide variety of musical instruments and background music in our cacao ceremonies to create an atmosphere that guides you or that tells a story - a sound journey, a sound journey, a guided meditation. From many such sessions we have now recorded a Cacao Ritual Song. Listening to this song invites the cacao spirit and accompanies you in your cacao ritual.

The call of the cacao spirit

Musical instruments from all over the world were played for this song. Very present is the Native American flute, also known as the love flute, which originated in the 19th century from the indigenous peoples of America and was already used back then for ceremonial purposes and for healing. Other instruments used are: the South American plucked string instrument charango, the West African balafon and for the soft meditative notes the handpan and kalimba. To top it off, we dived into the leading vocal arrangement together, inviting the cacao spirit and taking the listener on a magical journey.

We would like to thank Patrick Luvak and Luise Hahn.

Patrick is a composer, music producer and recorded all instruments from his world music repertoire for our Cacao Song. You can hear Patrick's other projects and music on Soundcloud ➚ . Write to him on Instagram ➚ if you would like a musical accompaniment for your ceremony or meditation - he loves to create new spaces musically.

With her wonderful voice, Luise gave the song a solemn and graceful glow. She is a trained singer and sings at cacao ceremonies and at her yoni steam workshops. If you would like to experience Luise live yourself, just have a look at herInstagram ➚ .