Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Projects in Peru & Brazil

Drink cacao and do good

We would like to say a big thank you to you. Because with every pack of cacao that is bought from us, the forests of our planet are protected a little more. We are currently supporting two reforestation projects in Brazil and Peru together with the PACHAMA organization. It's about preserving biodiversity on site and at the same time offsetting the CO2 emissions that occur during the transport of our cacao from Peru to Berlin and then to you, and mitigating climate change or not fueling it even more.

Untouched rainforest in Brazil

The Jari Para project in Brazil protects a completely untouched rainforest area in the north of the Amazon. This area was chosen because of its unique biological diversity and flora and fauna worthy of protection. At least 2070 species of animals (of which 133 are threatened with extinction) and at least 340 species of plants (of which 54 are threatened with extinction) live in the project area. Since hundreds of families live nearby and depend on the forest for their livelihood, parts of the donations are also used to establish sustainable agriculture with the local people. This takes the pressure off the forest and relieves nature. We will keep reporting about the Jari Para project. Until then, you can find more information here: ➚

Project Jari Para in Brazil for reforestation

Protecting the diversity of the Andes in Peru

The second project we support is in Peru, where our Criollo Blanco cacao is also grown. Beautifully named Alto Huayabamba, the project protects an area of ​​143,928 hectares in the Andes ranging from lush tropical cloud forests to barren mountain peaks. The diversity of ecosystems is due to the dramatic local elevation changes. In this unique natural environment, endemic species such as the yellow-tailed woolly monkey live. Endemic means that the woolly monkey only occurs in the Peruvian Andes and can only survive there naturally. If this area is not protected, this primate species is in danger of becoming extinct. This is exactly why we have been supporting this project since the beginning of 2021. If everything goes well, we will visit the project on site during our trip to Peru this year. More information: ➚

Woolly monkey in Peru – Reforestation project in Peru

More than the sum of the individual parts

We live on a planet of diversity, abundance and abundance, and we also live in a world of judgment, lack and emptiness. The question is, out of which feeling do we act as a human being, as an ego - out of connectedness or out of separation? When we feel more connected to ourselves again, we can also feel more connected to Mother Earth and feel that we are part of a very, very large family.

Kind regards Leni & Felix