Inner Child | VIDEO

Inner Child | VIDEO

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The length of the ritual is 60 minutes.

Inner Child Cacao Ritual with Leni

In this cacao ritual I invite you to get in touch with your inner child. I would also like to give you a new perspective on this topic. Because you don't have to save your inner child, it saves you.

The inner child is an important, essential part of yourself. It has had experiences and anchored beliefs in itself.

It is said that the inner child has two sides and therefore two types of beliefs.

We are talking about the shadow and sun child. The shadow child brings into your life negative beliefs that have arisen from painful experiences. For example, a sentence could be "I'm not good enough.".

The sun child radiates positivity into your life. A belief of this might be "I am valuable, always taken care of."

You encounter both of these sides in your everyday life and are often decisive for how you see life. Often, when we get in touch with our inner child, we recognize where certain behaviors and problems come from. If you go into the inner child, a lot of clarity, acceptance and resolution can arise there.

Ritual Cacao gives us wonderful, loving access to our inner child. Many people describe how they feel held after drinking Ritual Cacao. Hence the term "Mama Kakao". You have the feeling that you are not alone and that you are supported. It is so much easier to look at things that might otherwise be pushed aside.

In this wonderful way, Ritual Cacao helps to work with the inner child. By awakening the power of the heart, we have the opportunity, above all, to see our shadow child with loving eyes.

I am very happy if you let me and Cacao Medicine accompany you on this inner journey.


  • Introduction & Explanation
  • Cacao ritual
  • Working with the inner shadow and sun child
  • closing

It is recommended not to eat 3 hours before the cacao ritual and not to have coffee on the day of the ritual. Then find your place of well-being and make yourself comfortable with pillows and blankets. Turn off your cell phone and make sure you won't be disturbed.

If you are on psychotropics or other medications, or have serious heart problems, MAKE SURE you let us know. We will then discuss with you whether Ritual Cacao is suitable for you.

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