Welcome to 2024 - Let your light shine

From the bottom of my heart, Felix, on behalf of Cacaoloves.me, I would like to wish you a wonderful and strong year 2024. May the universe support you with everything that makes your light grow and shine.

Let your light shine

The year 2023 marked the end of a phase for me - maybe the same thing happened to you? The last year has felt like preparation. A phase of uncertainty and at the same time of certainty and awakening. A little foggy in the head, but clear enough in the heart to feel the way. The way out of “chaos” towards a compassionate and loving world.

This phase is now over. For a few weeks now I have felt completely clear and light, and so full of gratitude for the most beautiful of all tasks that I can imagine on this planet - namely being able to lead people back into their hearts with Cacao. I feel gratitude for all the people who bring Cacao into the world with the same awareness. Gratitude for the cacao farmers who take care of the heritage of the cacao trees and I feel gratitude for the greatest community ever! Together we have brought over 1 million cups of heart-opening cacao to people in recent years. Wow, what a heart opening!

An open heart is a brave heart! And even if I don't have any supernatural abilities, you can believe me, there is something that is joyfully waiting for you to let your light shine this year and open your heart space wide. I would like to invite you to do this together.

Cacaoloves.me flowers

This year we will open many rooms with Cacaoloves.me and organize local rituals together with the Cacao community. All of these spaces can be characterized by giving and receiving - a balance between masculinity and femininity. The river can only flow freely if it is supported by a strong riverbed, otherwise it will flow away. We wish for cacaoloves.me and for you in 2024 exactly this balance in which our light can fully develop.

I'm looking forward to everything that may come.

With Love, Felix