Happy Valentine's Day - Open your heart to connection & goodwill

Happy Valentine's Day - Open your heart


On February 14th is Valentine's Day. A wonderful day to watch opinions divide and everyone think their view is the right one. In my circle of friends, I have people who like to celebrate this day with their partner, as well as people who simply categorically reject this day, along the lines of: "Valentine's Day is just an invention of the (flower) industry anyway, you should do something like that under no circumstances celebrate and support...". And this blanket rejection, in my opinion, just brings separation. People judge each other based on preferences and opinions.

There are as many truths as there are people

I'm noticing a lot of this black and white thinking in the world right now. Your own opinion and values ​​are good and everyone else's are bad. We are constantly allowed to define ourselves, position ourselves, take a stand and convert those who have the wrong view.

However, we can recognize that there are as many truths as there are people. That it's great to be convinced of something and stand up for your values ​​and that we don't have to reject everything else. We can learn to remain soft and open our hearts to what we cannot understand. The more different opinions we allow into our space, the more we perceive the diversity of life and expand our consciousness.

Make Valentine's Day your day

It doesn't matter whether you like Valentine's Day or not. I invite you to make it “YOURS”. Celebrate it in a way that suits you, instead of meeting the day and how other people celebrate it with rejection. Yes, you can express your love on any other day too. But why not on this day too?

I invite you to open your heart to all the diversity, all the different opinions and to realize that it is easy to open your heart to someone who acts according to your values, but that it is so important to keep your heart open too to hold for people who live different opinions and values. This is the only way we can stop the separation and realize that there is a heart beating in all of us that desires connection.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, may your heart be open to connection and goodwill on this and all other days!

With Love, Leni