Strengthen your intuition and inner wisdom with Ritual Cacao

Strengthen intuition and inner wisdom with Ritual Cacao


This month we would like to focus on the topic of "intuition and inner wisdom". The louder it gets outside, the more important it is that we calm down and become quiet. Our intuition, our inner wisdom or voice, whatever you want to call it, is always there. We have just forgotten how to really listen. Because of our everyday lives, the distance between our daily consciousness and this voice is simply so great that they no longer really come together.

And so this month we invite you to make time to get in touch with your inner self. All you need to do is take five minutes in the morning and evening and ask yourself what your inner self is feeling.

Social Media Detox: Make room for your intuition

In order to get in touch with your inner self, I can only recommend reducing the information from outside (this month). In our day and age with social media etc., we take in much more information every day than our system can even process. We usually no longer consciously notice this overload because it has become so normal. However, this is noticeable when you sleep, in your nervous system and also when you access your intuition.

It's wonderful to learn new things and get inspiration from outside. But if we're honest, we often just consume, compare ourselves and allow ourselves to be influenced too much by what others do. That can work for a while, but the more conscious and sensitive you are, the more your soul will speak up and say that something isn't right. Because that's exactly how it is. You are here to find YOUR truth and follow your own path, and you can only find that within yourself.

Recognize what really matters to you

Ritual Cacao is a wonderful companion if you want to delve deeper into your inner self. It connects you with your heart and what really matters to you. With a Cacao ritual, you consciously step out of your everyday life and enter a space of peace and connection. Often, strokes of fate make us let go of our everyday life completely and recognize what is really important. But you don't have to let it get that far and you can ask yourself this question during a Cacao ritual, for example. You will also find instructions for a small Cacao ritual at the end of this article.

Get into the flow state

We know how good it is for us to step out of everyday mode and focus on our inner self. So why do we still do it so rarely?

There can be many different reasons for this. We may be afraid of what will come up if we are alone. The bad news is that the longer we wait, the more can come up. If we don't consciously take the time, then at some point we will probably be uncomfortably forced to take the time and look.

Some people know their truth but don't want to admit it because it means change. It may mean leaving old paths and taking new ones. Letting go of what you believed about yourself and life and doing things that aren't "normal" for you. The path of your soul is not normal. It is completely individual and special and at the same time it is an opportunity to feel at home and connected.

Going down this path requires courage, time and sometimes support. I have discovered that cacao is a companion for me and I know that it helps many others on this path. It could be different for you. When you forget the time and enter the so-called flow state, you are very close to your soul and the right path for you. Our journaling questions might help you find out what that means for you. Make yourself comfortable, take your journal and feel free to answer the following journaling questions.

Journaling questions to strengthen your intuition

In which moments do I feel most connected to myself and my inner voice?

How and where does my inner voice/intuition make itself felt in the body? (e.g. through a pulling sensation in the stomach)

In which major decisions did I listen to my inner voice and how did that feel and develop?

In which major decisions did I not listen to my inner voice and how did that feel and develop?

How can and do I want to make decisions for myself and my life from now on?

What signs do you receive in everyday life that can serve as a guide for you?


Sitran Chakra

8 tips to strengthen your brow chakra

The brow chakra (your third eye) is often associated with intuition. It is energetically located between your eyebrows. By connecting to this energy center, you automatically strengthen your intuition. Below are a few ways to strengthen your brow chakra:

Tip 1: Any type of fasting can be a wonderful method. Please pay attention to your own physical limits and inform yourself beforehand or consult your doctor.

Tip 2: Practice alternate nostril breathing, also called Nadi Shodhana.

Tip 3: Balance exercises from yoga, such as the tree.

Tip 4: Tap or stroke the point between your eyebrows with your fingers.

Tip 5: Use essential oils such as lavender, peppermint or jasmine.

Tip 6: Meditate with an amethyst or labradorite gemstone.

Tip 7: When meditating, roll your eyes upwards to your third eye and visualize a violet ray of light there.

Tip 8: Prepare a ritual cacao and listen to your inner voice.

Affirmations for your inner wisdom

I trust myself and my inner guidance.
All the answers are already within me.
The louder it gets outside, the quieter my insides become.
I see clearly and open my mind to new paths.

Cacao ritual to strengthen your intuition

Finally, as promised, I would like to give you a cacao ritual that can help you to perceive your intuition and live your truth.

Ritual Step 1 Prepare your ritual cacao with love and awareness.*

Ritual Step 2 Make yourself comfortable in a nice place, close your eyes and hold your cup in front of your heart. Set the intention to clearly feel YOUR truth and your heart.

Ritual Step 3 Speak your intention into the cacao and ask the cacao spirit to support you today. Then drink your cacao sip by sip.

Ritual Step 4 Breathe deeply into your heart again and again and imagine breathing golden light into your heart.

Ritual Step 5 When you have drunk your cacao, put on some (drum) music to shake you. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your legs slightly bent. Start vibrating very gently and let your movements become stronger. Imagine shaking off everything that lies between you and your truth.

Ritual Step 6 Calm down and put one hand on your heart. Ask yourself: What is it that is really important to me in this life? Stop and let the images come.

Ritual Step 7 After a while, lie down on the ground and feel. Imagine how this golden light now goes from your heart up to your forehead. Feel the point between your eyes.

Ritual Step 8 Breathe into this point, your third eye, and imagine this area opening further and further.

Ritual Step 9 Finally, ask yourself: What is my truth and how can I live it?

Ritual Step 10 Open your eyes and feel free to write down everything that occurred to you during the trip.

Ritual Step 11 To close the ritual, thank yourself, the Cacao Spirit and all the forces that work for you every day.


Have fun with this ritual and applying our tips. May you live a little more of the life you are here for every day!

With Love, Leni

* Here we have a recipe & tips for you on how to prepare your cacao.