What happens during a cacao ritual?

We are often asked what happens during a cacao ritual or cacao ceremony. Our answer to that is - it's very different, because it depends on who the spaceholder is, what the focus is, what the topic of the ritual is, etc. So a tip. Check out who is offering a cacao ritual and what the focus of the ritual is.

We would like to take you with us and show you what a live ritual from cacaoloves.me looks like. Of course there are differences here too. However, the core elements are the same. For example, cacao is always drunk, we can be sure of that :-)


We give our participants the opportunity to arrive in the room and completely with themselves - straight from everyday life into a conscious ritual space. Here it is important for us that we take our time to make this transition as pleasant as possible. People enter the energetically cleaned room and are also treated with e.g. B. smoked white sage. The positive effect of this has even been scientifically proven. Sage has antimicrobial properties, keeping contagious viruses, bacteria and fungi away. After smoking, everyone can find a place in the room where they feel comfortable and listen to the music. A little perception meditation often makes it easier to arrive.


We would like to open up a space for our participants in which they can let themselves go. A space in which you can return to yourself and your essence. For this purpose, there are "agreements" at the beginning of the event, which serve to ensure the security of the room. It's not about setting any rigid rules or restricting the participants. These guidelines help much more so that everyone can feel as safe and free as possible. Everything that happens in our shelter should stay here.

We take personal responsibility and at the same time pay attention to our fellow travelers. Man is by nature a social, compassionate being. When everyone is connected to themselves, we can't help but want the best for our fellow human beings and for everything around us. The "Agreements" are accepted by the participants by putting a hand on their heart.

Connected with himself during a cacao ritual


With each of our rituals we want to pass on part of our knowledge about cacao. A lot has accumulated over the last 6 years. Of course, we make sure that we don't give a super-long presentation. It is important to us that people make their own experiences with cacao medicine. Nevertheless, it is important to us to pass on some of the history and tradition. After all, cacao has a cultural history that goes back thousands of years. Worshiped as the drink of the gods by the natives of Central and South America, used by Aztec soldiers as a stimulant, drunk by European monks for fasting, right up to the luxury food and cacao bliss of today. Yes, there is a lot to tell about cacao and we learn something new every day. After this intellectual excursion into the world of cacao, it is time to get to know our participants a little.


Now at the latest we all sit down in a large circle so that we can see each other. We greet each other by looking around the circle and sharing a smile. This is followed by a "check-in" round. For this we pass around the so-called "talking stick". Anyone holding the talking stick may now show themselves once. We invite participants to say their name and a word. Sometimes we ask for a word that describes the prevailing feeling or what you want for the evening. This also varies with the themes of the rituals.

This is the moment when we start to open ourselves more to our feelings and our intuition. Here, of course, the cacao medicine adds its reinforcing power in the next step.


We prepare our cacao drink before the guests arrive. 35g cacao per person, with plant milk (we usually use oat milk), cinnamon and chilli, that's how we like our cacao best. One of our favorite moments is when we bring our cacao jug into the room. For our rituals in Berlin we had a large jug and small drinking vessels made by hand.

We fill the cacao medicine into the containers and hand them to the participants. They in turn pass on the cups until they have received a cup that they feel is meant for them. At the same time, we invite the cacao spirit to be with us and to support us on the journey ahead. Cacao has a very special plant soul, which has a gentle and lasting effect. This soul wants to be invited by us and given permission to work with us and share their knowledge with us.

When everyone has their cacao, we'll go into silence again. We breathe into our heart and connect with our intention and desire. We then whisper this into our cacao cups.

Participants in a cacao ritual

What comes after that is difficult to describe in words and is different for every ritual.

Conscious breathing, meditation and contact exercises usually follow. And of course the space is just as consciously closed as it was opened.

Of course, we could also go into more detail. But we also want to make you a bit curious ;-) In addition, cacao rituals are a lot about feelings and arriving in the here and now. This must be experienced in order to really grasp it.

If that worked, then you are very welcome to join one of our online or live cacao rituals. Here you can find all our events .