What is the IER method? Guest post by Simon

Intuitive Energetic Reading (IER) 

An Intuitive Energetic Reading (IER) is a type of channeling in which information from the energy field is perceived. Through an intention, the space opens and allows the energy field to emerge. The important thing about the intention is that it is for the benefit of all, which creates the connection in the room and the reading can begin. The reader responds to the desired concern or topic by asking questions. The energy field shows itself to the reader through feelings and images that show where the topic has its roots and which beliefs are related to it.

The IER method helps you to get a clear view of your concerns. Because reading lets you see where something comes from and what it takes to change and dissolve it. The topics at the IER can be of an energetic, physical or psychological nature, such as:

"I feel blocked when it comes to my partnership."
"I'm not progressing professionally at the moment"

"My back hurts and no physical cause has been found. I want to know what it is."

I developed the IER method because I realized that many people do not know and use the connection to their true being. And so I have made it my mission to support people on their way to themselves.

I'm Simon Pedro Brych and on my inner and outer journeys I got to know various approaches and techniques that have accompanied and supported me on my way to develop the IER method - the heart-opening effect of cacao is also very helpful when using the method. Because cacao can have very different effects. As with other substances that affect consciousness, set and setting are very important. That's why I love creating settings where the effect of cacao can unfold and then work on the mind-set.

Together with Leni I offer the IER method with cacao - as an online event. If you want to learn more about it, you can find all the cacao rituals here.