Ritual Cacao & Yin Yoga - Charging & Grounding

Ritual Cacao & Yin Yoga

Did you know that Ritual Cacao can support you in your Yin yoga practice with its wonderful effects, landing even more in your body and releasing emotional blockages more easily? In particular, holding an asana (yoga position) for a longer period of time, as is common in Yin Yoga, not only releases tension in the fascia and promotes general mobility of the body, but also helps the body, mind and soul to relax and ground you again .

These benefits can be wonderfully combined with the positive properties of cacao to make you feel even more charged and grounded at the same time after your Yin Yoga practice.

Try this Mini Cacao Ritual in combination with the following Yin Yoga Asanas to connect with your body and get old, pent-up emotions flowing again.

Cacao Ritual with Yin Yoga Asanas

Ritual Step 1 Prepare your ceremonial cacao (you can find a recipe & tips for preparing your cacao here). Then go to your yoga mat.

Ritual Step 2 Take your cacao cup in your hand, place one hand on your heart. Set a conscious intention for this Yin Yoga practice and whisper it into your Cacao. An intention can be: "I allow myself to connect with my body throughout the practice and gently release old emotional blockages."

Ritual Step 3 Drink your cacao mindfully and keep taking deep breaths into your lower stomach. Follow your breathing flow and observe how your abdominal wall gently rises with each inhalation and falls again with each exhalation.

Ritual Step 4 With every sip and every breath you give your body, you can relax even more deeply.

Ritual Step 5 Now start your Yin Yoga practice (preferably with your eyes closed) with the following 3 exercises to open your heart and hips and ground yourself. Hold each position for about 3 minutes each:

Ritual Step 6 Sitting butterfly: While sitting , bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees fall outwards to the right and left. Bend your upper body towards the soles of your feet as far as is comfortable for you. With each exhalation, imagine how your heart space is energetically drawn to the earth and how you can let go even more.

Ritual Cacao & Yin Yoga: Sitting Butterfly Sitting Butterfly Asana

Ritual Step 7 Sphinx: Come into a prone position, stretch your legs long on the floor and bring your forearms onto your mat in front of you. Lift your shoulders and chest off the floor and look forward, keeping your neck neutral. Imagine a golden beam of light growing larger in your heart with each inhalation.

Ritual Cacao & Yin Yoga: Sphinx Sphinx asana

Ritual Step 8 Child: Roll backwards from the sphinx into the neutral child position. Place your buttocks on your heels and your forehead on the floor, while your arms are spread out in front of you on the floor, palms down. Feel into the parts of your body that are in contact with the earth and relax your abdominal wall with each exhalation.

Ritual Cacao & Yin Yoga: Child Child asana

Ritual Step 9 Shavasana: Lie on your back and feel in silence for a moment.

Ritual Cacao & Yin Yoga: Shavasana Shavasana asana

Ritual Step 10 Complete your Cacao & Yin Yoga ritual by sitting cross-legged and bringing your hands in front of your heart in a prayer position and bowing to yourself.


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I hope you enjoy your next Cacao & Yin Yoga practice. You are of course free to supplement your yoga practice with your own favorite asanas or incorporate intuitive movements.

Kind regards, Sarah