Mindful Bliss - Cacao Spice Blend

Sometimes I drink my cacao pure - just water and cacao. Even if I really like the slightly bitter, earthy taste of pure cacao, I usually refine the cacao with spices and use plant-based milk instead of water. Because I think that the drink of the gods (lat. Cacao Theobroma) should also taste divinely delicious. So far I have refined my cacao with cinnamon and coconut blossom sugar. Then I met Frank Rappenhöner - an ambassador for Ritual Cacao and founder of SEI DU KAKAO. A herbalist, chef and avid student of energy.

Scents, tastes and plant spirits

Have you ever refined your cacao with tonka beans, cinnamon blossom or beetroot? For Frank, the process of creating spice blends is an act of invention - a total immersion in the world of scents, tastes and plant spirits. For him, every plant has powers that affect body, soul and spirit. If you mix and match different plants, certain effects can be enhanced, such as the heart-opening effect of Ritual Cacao.

You probably already guessed - we asked dear Frank to create a spice mixture especially for our cacao. We are so happy to introduce you to the herbs of the first Cacaoloves.me blend “Mindful Bliss”. Frank created this spice for you to make your cacao ritual and everything associated with it a treat for all your senses and your heart. Mindful Bliss contains coconut blossom sugar, tonka bean, cinnamon blossom, beetroot, ancho chilli, Luisenhaller deep salt and bourbon vanilla. Learn more about each spice below.


Effect on body, soul and spirit

Tonka Bean

The tonka bean from the Brazilian rainforest enchants with an aroma of vanilla and bitter almonds. The scent of the tonka bean beguiles the senses and opens you up - from the heart chakra to the crown chakra.

Cinnamon Blossom

The blossom of cassia cinnamon underlines the aroma of the tonka bean and awakens pure joy in the heart with its exotic and lovely scent alone.


Beetroot keeps you grounded with the power of the earth and strengthens your root chakra. Hardly perceptible but essential for the effect, the grounding taste of the beets rounds off this spice mixture wonderfully in every respect.

Korean Bamboo Salt

Bamboo salt is a Korean food that is over 1000 years old and was discovered by monks. The fine grinding and special processing creates the minimal smoky note.

Ancho Chili

Also called Aztec chili, the ancho chili has a chocolaty, fiery aroma that goes wonderfully with cacao. Chili promotes the absorption of all the active ingredients in cacao and spices in the body.

Bourbon vanilla

This vanilla is pure seduction and embodies femininity. Its sensual scent invites you to take off the last covering and surrender.

We recommend one teaspoon of Mindful Bliss for one cup of Ritual Cacao. By the way, the spice mixture “Mindful Bliss” is now available in our shop.

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Kind regards, Felix