Cacao rituals for a strong relationship

In order to keep a relationship alive and to create space for connection beyond everyday life, rituals are a wonderful opportunity to meet and see each other again and again.

A partnership is always changing and ups and downs are simply part of it. The wonderful thing about a relationship is that it's one of the best ways to face yourself. Nobody reflects your own patterns, shadows and their inner potential as well as a partner who is close to you.

Relationship means growth

If both partners are interested in growth and willingly open up to learn from and with each other, then love can always reach new levels and the beauty of the partner can be seen, recognized and valued in ever new facets.

Cacao is a wonderful teacher here, because the spirit of cacao is responsible for opening the heart. And what is the greatest and most transformative force in the universe?
The power of the heart.

Cacao the medicine of the heart

Cacao gently takes you by the hand and shows you the wounds and wonders that need to be seen, and if this happens together with a partner whose heart is open and receptive, a very healing space can arise here that enables the partnership to do so , always reaching a new level.

In our many years of experience with cacao, it has become a valuable companion that invites you to get involved again and again. He invites you to let go of the old stories, to see the old wounds and consciously say goodbye - so that there is space again.
For what is real.

Then the veil of stories, expectations and demands can be lifted and the realization can come that my counterpart and I are one. Emerged from the same source, imbued with the same life force and illuminated by the same light. When we are penetrated by this knowledge and act from it, then it says:

In Lak'ech= I am another you. If I hurt you, I hurt myself.

When that happens and you allow yourself to let yourself be guided there again and again, then your relationship has wonderful breeding ground to grow on.

These beautiful words come from Tatjana and Simon, who have been running our cacao ritual for couples for a few weeks. We are very grateful that they enrich our team with their many years of experience and their big heart.

Cacao Paar Rituale für eine starke Beziehung - Tatjana & Simon

Here are a few words about both of them:

Simon Pedro Brych has been involved with consciousness, energy and healing for more than 10 years. Through a lot of self-awareness and a constant urge to explore, he discovered the power of the heart and intuition. Therefore, heart opening and intuition training are the focus of his work. Since he also appreciates the relationship as a great school of self-awareness and as a constant mirror, he and his partner pass on the knowledge they have gathered.

Tatjana & Simon

Tatjana Kaya is all about body, energy and emotions. She works with people to develop their potential ➚ and is also a prospective couple and sex therapist. But probably the biggest learning area is the 7-year relationship with Simon, in which she was able to learn a lot about herself and the topic of partnership, especially in the bumpy times.

Tatjana Kaya - Cacao Rituale für Paare

🙏 ✨

If you want to deepen your relationship with a cacao ritual, you've come to the right place. Click here for the cacao ritual for couples with Tatjana & Simon.