Golden Bliss - our new cacao spice blend

A new gold treasure has moved in with us. Our spice creator Frank Rappenhöner has conjured up a new creation for us: GOLDEN BLISS

Each component has been carefully selected and coordinated with each other. What's more... Frank works very closely with plant spirits during the creation and allows himself to be guided here.

GOLDEN BLISS spice mix

Bright messages from the plant world

In addition to Cacao, we would also like to bring you into contact with other plant souls and their messages. Each plant brings something unique that it wants to share with us.

Here are a few lines that Frank received from the plant souls contained in Golden Bliss:

"In order to shine, YOU can let go.
Because when you fly, you don't look back, you look forward.
In return, YOU can leave behind everything that YOU have experienced. Together with us, YOU can go to a new place. A place of love that lets you shine. Your pure essence, love, wants to be lived by you.
With every contact with us, the plant souls of Golden Bliss, YOU will be able to open up a little more. Little by little we will accompany you, hold you and give you new access to a deeper level with yourself."

The Golden Bliss spice mixture carries the luminous messages of the plant world and invites you to let a light shine. This sensual mixture goes wonderfully with the heart-opening effects of cacao

Frank Rappenhöner_Plant spirit Frank Rappenhöner

Ingredients of Golden Bliss

The selected ingredients are coconut blossom sugar, yacon, mullein blossom, amchur mango, lemon balm, rose hip and orange blossom.

The yacon root has its home in the highlands of the Andes. The Incas already valued this medicinal plant very much. This root connects you deeply with Pachamama, grounds you and holds you in your essence.

Mullein flower
The flower of the mullein shines with majestic splendor and abundance, and inspires you to do the same. As a well-known medicinal herb, it clears the upper airways and opens you up to your crown chakra.

The unripe mango from India with its exotic note gives rise to longings and is a reminder to trust the ripening process, to dream and to let go.

Lemon balm
Its gentle, lemony aroma goes wonderfully with this spice mixture, especially since lemon balm has a relaxing and calming effect and therefore brings you even more easily into the state of Golden Bliss.

rose hip
The fruits of the rose hip carry many days of sunshine and are filled with the power of life. It strengthens your entire system. Among the Germanic peoples, the rose hip was dedicated to the goddess Freya - the goddess of life force, knowledge and freedom.

Orange blossom
The orange blossom invites you to surrender to your sensitive side and to unfold even the most delicate petals of your soul. Welcome to the state of Golden Bliss!

We are already so excited to hear your feedback and what experiences you will have with “Golden Bliss” in your cacao .

Kind regards Leni & Felix